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10 mejor upgrade leak on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra


Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is coming after just 2 months. It will come with android 14 and One UI 6.0. What major updates are there will be discussed today in the entire article. Today I will talk about the leak of Samsung’s S24 Ultra. Full article is going to be very interesting, I especially find the last upgrade the most interesting, which will change our entire lifestyle. So read full article without missing. Let’s know the 10 mejor upgrade leak on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra launch date:

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will be launched globally on January 17. It has some weird features that will surprise you and there are many features that you don’t know about yet. Yes there are many features which you have already heard. Like the titanium frame and many more, but there are also some features you haven’t heard of yet. So let’s take a look at these 10 mejor upgrade leak on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

S24 features

Galaxy S24 Ultra new Upgrade Features leak:

Leak no 1:

The first update of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is that now the Instagram camera button will be on the home screen. Yes we all know that camera button can be placed on home screen it was already there. But this time Samsung has tied up with Instagram. Now the Instagram camera can be opened directly from Samsung’s home screen.

Leak no 2:

Several expensive sets of Samsung Galaxy S24 series have come forward. Looking at them, it is understood that the sides of these two phones, S24 and S24+, will be curved. There may be more curves than before. But the Galaxy S24 Ultra does not have much curved edges. It will be boxy type. As before, the corners will be sharp boxy type.

Leak no 3:

The display of S24 Ultra will not be curved this time. This time the display will be flat and its size will be 6.8 inches. The report has arrived. When using the S Pen, there is a little problem with the curved display. So, instead of curved display, flat display has been given here. Due to not giving the curve, the side bezel of the display may come out.

Leak no 4:

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra can beat even the iPhone 15 Pro Max in terms of performance. In fact, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor that will come in the S24 Ultra is the 3D wild live test that has been performed on the S23 Ultra. It is seen that its graphics performance is better than the iPhone’s Bionic 16 processor, and Apple’s M Better performance than 1 chip. And if the performance is good then the power consumption comes out here. But here the power consumption is also very less due to which there is a right balance in all aspects.

Leak no 5:

Of course there will be many upgrades with the camera. Samsung’s flagship phone. And what will happen if the camera is not upgraded here? A more powerful telephoto lens is used here to capture portrait pictures. 5x telephoto lens will be used for portraits due to which the pictures will be just awesome.

Leak no 6:

The battery field has also been upgraded this time, Samsung is bringing more dense batteries. Due to which the materials inside the battery will be more compressed which will increase the performance of the battery many times. Not only that, this time this phone will have a charging support of 65 watts due to which now this phone will be possible to charge faster.

Special Upgrades

Now I will talk about the 4 major upgrades of the last special, they are brand new. Here, iPhone or any other company cannot give any kind of competition because the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor that has come here has integrated artificial intelligence. Samsung has now loudly said that in this S24 series, they will bring artificial intelligence as the first phone of Samsung. In build. Now your artificial intelligence will work even if you don’t have internet connection.

Galaxy s24 ultra all lacks

Leak no 7:

The first leak about artificial intelligence is real-time phone call translation. The thing is, you speak in Hindi from one side and the other side hears it in English.

Leak no 8:

The work that artificial intelligence will do now is to create a short summary of any document file. That is, suppose you want to read a document but it is so large that you don’t have time to read it Artificial intelligence will now summarize this big document and give it to you in short form. This will be an in-build function in the Samsung S24 series phones. No internet connection is required here.

Leak no 9:

We have heard about the camera features before. We have our thoughts on Samsung’s Gallery and its photo/video editing software. But this time the artificial intelligence is available. Of course it will also bring a lot of changes to the editing features. One such feature is that we used to see objects removed from a still photo. We took a still picture so that if there was an awkward person or tree, we could easily remove it. But now we can do it in motion picture ie video. If a video is such that there are some unnecessary objects by mistake, then we can remove it very easily and it will be done by Samsung’s inbind artificial intelligence.

Leak no 10:

The latest leak is also about the camera. Artificial intelligence will do a job here, if you take many picks together, AI will make you the best pick by combining those picks together.

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