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10 Premium Fashion tips for teenage boys.


Today’s article is for college going guys who want to look stylish and good. The boys of this age are really style conscious but due to good guidance, many cannot understand what kind of clothes they should wear. So today we will know the 10 simple tips which if followed you can easily express your style art personality. So without wasting any more time let’s start – friends, if you want to look good in your teenage years, you should follow the fashion tips. Know more about girls fashion?

1. Choose clothes that can be worn every day

Jeans are one of those items of clothing that we read about on a daily basis. Quality jeans are part of our everyday style. There is nothing more elegant than jeans in dark colors. This type of jeans is very easy to combine with any of our shirts or t-shirts. It cannot be easily damaged even after repeated use.When we talk about jeans, we think of t-shirts, so our number two tip today is t-shirts.

2. Pick some basic color t-shirts

Keep a basic color shirt in your closet, e.g. B. Black, white or any color. The problem with graphic t-shirts is that after a few days they become useless and after a few days people around you will notice that you are still wearing the same clothes. There is nothing more fashionable than a simple t-shirt.

3. How well does the dress fit you?

Instead of looking at expensive clothes, notice how they fit you. Even if you don’t buy any clothes from a good showroom, if the clothes fit you then you are still the local rock star in the end.

Dress for fashion

4. Good quality accessories

A quality bracelet or watch that looks stylish. Any man’s outfit is fun with a good watch or bracelet. In this case, try to buy quality accessories instead of resorting to cheap ones. Because a quality watch that you can use for years without fear. And if you want to catch a girl’s attention, a quality watch or bracelet can be your best style secret.

5. Hair style

The fifth tip on the list is about hairstyles. When it comes to maintaining a teenage girl’s hairstyle, there are two things to avoid. (1) The hair is not too messy and (2) too perfect. This means that if you soil your hair too much, it will look dirty. And when the hair is too perfect, it looks like your hairstyle is too unbalanced.It is best to choose the one that suits you best. And you can maintain it very easily. As teenagers, we all have to get up early in the morning to go to school or college, leaving little time to do our hair. These easy hairstyles suit you perfectly and can be done in two to three minutes in the morning. This is a good fashion tips for teenagers.

6. Expensive clothes vs stylish clothes

Buy elegant clothes instead of expensive ones. You are growing up now. You can expect many new trends of the future. What you like today may not be what you like next year. When buying clothes, pay attention to whether they fit you, and not the brand or salon.And if it suits your personality and your overall image. For example, a 20$ shirt that doesn’t fit. If the 10$ shirt is for you then this 10$ shirt is perfect for you because style is not about expensive clothes it is about flaunting your inner personality.

7. Keep shoes clean

Always keep your shoes clean because as strange as it sounds, girls always look at boys’ shoes. So for those who are looking for a girlfriend or have a girlfriend, keeping your shoes clean is a must. This is also true for the following tips. 

Clean your shooes

8. Keep clothes clean

If you want to look stylish, keep your clothes clean. It’s time to learn how to keep your clothes clean. How to iron a dress and how to take care of your wardrobe, because there is nothing more elegant than clean clothes. (Must follow fashion tips)

9. Experiment 

Tip number 9 on our list today is: Experiment, so buy new clothes. Don’t always wear the same clothes. And therein lies the problem, because every time we try on a new outfit or style, we feel shy. What will our friends think? Or what will the people around say? Get out of your comfort zone.After a while you will find that all your friends are following you.

10. Self respect

The latest writing tips. I respect you. Learn to respect yourself. Learning to respect yourself can help you pay more attention to your style and clothes. You can also elegantly introduce yourself to others in the simplest of ways. Remember, the easier it is for you to show your personality to others, the more elegant you are.

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