why you should not switch from android to iphone

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Switch from Android to iPhone


Are you going to switch from Android to iPhone? Hold on! Switching from Android to Iphone might not be ideal for you. iPhone is not for everyone Because iPhone has many limitations. Those who want to use the phone freely should not choose the iPhone. iPhone should be run by those who only want to play audio video, call incoming outgoing and normal gaming on the phone. But for those who love adventure, who are interested in the phone, who want to modify the phone a lot, who want to run the phone in their own way, Android is perfect. So let’s take a look at 10 reasons why you should not switch from Android to iPhone.

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1. Only 100 call log history (all app combined)

If you bought an old model iPhone or your phone is not updated to the latest software then your phone will only have the facility to store 100 call logs. It is not only your SIM call log, but all your social app calls including WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram will also be stored in this call log. This is a very bad user experience for iPhone users. iPhone can currently store 1000 call logs after iOS 17 update. Those running version below iOS 17 will not get the benefit of 1000 call logs.

2. 99% apps are paid

The “as security as expense” sentence fits the iPhone very well. Because using an iPhone means you have unlimited money. If you really have unlimited money then you should choose iPhone. Also, if you can’t afford to buy paid iPhone apps, the iPhone isn’t for you. Any app you use on iPhone will be paid. And if the app is free, you will see it filled with ads. iPhone is generally used by advanced people in developed countries. Developers know this and know that only people with money will use iPhone for security. Developers designed the iPhone primarily for wealthy people to provide maximum security. So if you need security then you definitely go for iPhone. And if you are not a very big celebrity and you don’t need so much security then Android will be best for you.

3. No Call Recording

iPhone cares about your security as well as other people’s privacy. That’s why currently no call recording option is provided on iPhone. Many times we need call recording very much, call recording is a very important thing in our daily work. But iPhone has removed this feature from their phones keeping in mind the privacy of others. That means if you are running iPhone then you will not get any call recording option. A large part of those who have shifted from iPhone to Android have shifted due to lack of call recording on iPhone. If you need call recording then the iPhone is not for you. If you use Android you will also get auto call recording option.

4. No moded/crack apps

Using mods or cracked apps is bad. So it is better to avoid it. Because other’s mod app means harming that app company. So it is a good thing not to use mod app on iPhone. But the iPhone is not for those who absolutely cannot go without the mod app.

5. Worried about battery health

We all know that iPhone has an option called Battery Health. The middle class always has thrifty thoughts in mind. So if you are middle class then you must be thinking that the more times I charge the battery health of my phone will decrease. And it is visible on iPhone. So this worry will go around in you that if you charge it, the battery health will decrease and the value of the phone will decrease. Feel free to use the phone. Why should you worry about battery health? Being able to see the battery health is a nice feature of the iPhone. But many consider it a hassle.

6. High Expensive Accessories

I’ve said before that the iPhone is for the rich. If it is going to be used by the middle class or the low class people then it cannot be used properly. iPhone back cover, screen protector, charger are much more expensive than Android. Besides, you cannot use any other earphones except the official iPhone earphones. Duplicate or copy earphones are not supported on iPhone. Ethernet cable, OTG cable in all cases iPhone accessories are more expensive.

7. No Back Button

For Android users this will be a very bad aspect when using iPhone. Android users are used to pressing the back button all the time. But you won’t find any back button on iPhone. You’ll find a button in the gesture box for back, but it works differently in different apps. If you want to go back from an app, you have to close the app and enter another app, you cannot go back. Before buying an iPhone, think about the back button Do you really enjoy using the phone without the back button?

8. No Cache or Data clearing option

In Android we can go to app data and clear the cache file, data of any app. But it can’t be done on iPhone. This is a big problem for iPhone users. Suppose you play a game whose size is 10 GB. If for some reason a bug is seen in the game and the game crashes, then on Android you can enter the game by clearing the cache file or data of the game. But since iPhone does not have this facility, you have to uninstall the entire 10 GB game and download it again. It is very painful.

9. Complicated file sharing

Because of more security, everything is a little more hassle on iPhone. Sharing files on iPhone is a bit of a hassle. It won’t let you transfer data through cables. You won’t be able to quickly share large files that would take a long time to share without a cable. You can transfer files to PC or other phone through Shareit but here too you have to go through a lot of trouble. Meanwhile, Android has Quick Share, Nearby Share and many other types of shares that can be used to share files very quickly. And there is no problem to share with data cable.

10. Few customization options

Phone is a fashion these days. And people want unique things. Unique fashion is very rare among iPhone users. iPhone users can be fashionable just because they are iPhone users. But customization options are very less on iPhone. On the other hand, in Android, you can customize your phone’s wallpaper, theme, lock screen, notification bar, app icons and on-display logos. In the name of customization on iPhone, only lock screen and home screen wallpapers can be set and there are not many customization options. If you want to customize your phone to your heart’s content then definitely go for Android.

Think about it. iPhones are great, but Android might give you more freedom and flexibility if that’s your style.

My Opinion:

Phone means style, if you can’t customize that phone as you wish then where is the fun of using the phone? I have mentioned above 10 reasons why you should not shift from Android to iPhone. If you read them well, you will understand whether you should really shift from Android to iPhone. What disadvantages will you get if you do?

My opinion is if you are a teenager then you should use android. Because in it you can do all the work you want. Students don’t have a lot of money to spend on an iPhone so it’s best for them to use Android. But if you are a businessman. Want to keep your business data safe. You want to be safe. Then you use iPhone. iPhone will give you maximum security. Apart from this, if you are a professional gamer, you can use iPhone because the processor performance of iPhone is better than Android.

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