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10 Very Effective Hacks to Make Nail Polish Last Longer.


Do you paint your nails with your favorite polish color but it is not permanent? Does it appear shortly after sending the request? Some may like painting their nails one color, some may like different colors, and some may like painting their nails. Matte, glossy, glossy or transparent – all types of nail colors are in the list. All efforts seem in vain if the polish does not last long after long application.If you are struggling with such problem, today’s article is for you. Today I am sharing with you 10 great tips to make your nail polish last longer. Want to know more about perfect makeup?

How long does nail polish stay?

Do we need to know a little more about how long polish lasts before delving into long lasting polish tricks? Honestly, it really depends on a lot of things. Just like different types of polish, each person’s nails and manicure style are different. Depending on the type of nail, the polish lasts quite well for several days. Again, if you use a long-lasting formula or gel polish, the polish can last up to two weeks.

Nail polish

10 Awesome Hacks to Make Nail Polish Long Lasting.

It is known how long polish can last. Now let’s know what hacks can be followed for this long lasting-

1. Apply thin coat for nail polish last longer

In order for nail polish to last a long time, it is very important to pay attention to how it is applied. If you think that thick nail polish will help your nails last longer, you are completely wrong. Applying a thick layer takes time to dry and is very easy to peel off. So always use a thin layer. Layering will weaken the polish faster.

2. Apply in the right way

When applying polish, be careful not to leave any part of the nail. Pay special attention to the corners as this is where the polish starts to peel off. If you feel the polish is not good, wipe it off and repaint it.

3. Keep nails short

If you want to make the nail color stay longer, you have to keep the nails short. Long nails break easily. Short nails are easy to maintain.

Cut your nail

4. Leave a gap between each coat

When we paint nails, we quickly paint 2/3 of the layer and ensure a flawless finish. But if the first coat of paint doesn’t dry well, the final coat of paint will never look good. If 2/3 more coats are required after the first coat, leave a gap of at least two minutes between coats. Additionally, using it once every two or three days increases the likelihood of staying power.

5. Cover nails while working

If you have to do housework often, use rubber gloves to protect your nails. Using soap while working with water can quickly damage nails. In order for the polish to last long, you must first make sure that the nail does not peel off.

6. Dry the nails in cold air

Nail polish should never be dried with hot air. The idea that hot air dries hands quickly is completely wrong. Hot air does not allow the nails to dry properly. Instead, the polish can settle on the nails and swell. In this case, the polish can be removed very easily. Better dry with cold air. Polish can also be dried with blown air or regular dryer air.

7. Keep cuticles clean for nail polish last longer

Nail polish can stick to cuticles when applied. Remember that how nail polish is applied to your nails is not the same as how it adheres to your skin. And yes, it’s very easy. If the polish then sticks to the cuticles, gently remove it with nail polish remover.

8. Keep nails moisturized

Apply polish regularly but no nutrients to keep nails moisturized. How do you get better results? Nails, like other parts of the body, require special attention. Because malnutrition can lead to various nail problems. One of them is nail polish, which is not permanent. Therefore, use cuticle oil or hand cream regularly.Hand cream works the same way as sunscreen. This is post nail manicure. Use a hand moisturizer at least twice a day. It keeps your nails healthy.

9. Don’t bite your nails 

Do you unknowingly bite your nails? This practice does not hold the nails well at all! If the nail is bitten off after applying the polish, the nail will break and the polish will not hold.

Don't cut your nail by teeth

10. Do not wet hands in water

Do not wash your hands before applying the polish if you want it to last. Why do nails grow longer when dipped in water? When it dries again, it shrinks. As a result, the paint dries up and falls off.

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