Top 5 short haircuts for oval faces male

5 Best Short Haircuts for Oval Faces Male


Oval face shape is the most common human face shape in the world. It is more common in boys. Nowadays we all want to be smart. To move smartly we have to follow fashion. Different years bring different fashions. Fashion can be dress, hair or any ornaments. Today we will know about hair fashion. High volume hair suits oval face shapes best. That’s why there are no high volume hairstyles for oval face in the net world. Even if you go to the salon, the barber will give you a high volume hairstyle after seeing your oval face shape. But if you want to do low volume hairstyle then there are very few low volume hairstyles for oval face. Let’s take a look at 5 Best Short Haircuts for Oval Faces Male.

What is Oval Face Shape?

In simple words oval face is long face. If the height is more than the width of the face, then the face is called oval face. There are also some other requirements for having an oval face like, oval facetypes have cheekbones and forehead slightly wider than the face. Oval face is the most common face type in the world. See how oval face looks in the picture below.

Best Short Haircuts for Oval Face Male

The advantage of oval face cutting being the most popular in the world is that it has many hairstyles. We basically do hairstyles by looking at actors’ hairstyles. Most of the actors also have oval face shape. The best haircut for oval face shapes is the high volume haircut. But today we will not show high volume haircuts because there are high quality haircuts available for oval faces. So today we will show best 5 short haircuts for oval faces male

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1. Buzz Cut

Buzzcut is an easy and simple haircut for boys. For short cutting, buzz cut will be the best option for you. If you have oval face shape then you can definitely try this. It is the perfect hairstyle for any occasion or normal life. It is one of the best short haircuts. This haircut can be seen among the armies of many countries. Here the entire hair is cut short.

2. Quiff Haircut

Have you seen James Bond’s hairstyle? James Bond has an oval face shape and is a popular actor. Quiff haircut is a classic haircut. If you want to rock yourself, you can do this hairstyle. In this haircut, the volume of hair on the 2 sides and back of the head will be very low and the volume on the top will be slightly higher. That is, you have to get a haircut on the 2 sides of the head and the back with a trimmer.

3. The Classic Crew Cut

It would not be wrong to call this haircut a universal haircut. Because it suits all face shapes. But especially for oval face shape it suits very well. This is a low maintenance hairstyle. This hairstyle is the best option for those who don’t have time to style their hair, who are looking for a good haircut in a simple way. You don’t need to take extra care of your hair because this hairstyle will suit you as it is. The classic crew cut hairstyle is simple, you need to cut the hair very short with a trimmer around the head so that the scalp is visible. After that, a little bit of volume should be kept in a round shape from the top.

4. Sidecut Haircut

Don’t you like keeping your hair too short or too long? Want a medium haircut? Then this haircut is for you. You can do this haircut for school and college. If you do this style you will not get warning from school and college because it is like normal haircut. To style a sidecut, you cannot cut your hair using a trimmer. Cut the hair with normal scissors and make sure that the surrounding hair is even. Take a look at the picture below and you will understand how your haircut will look like.

5. Slick Back Haircut

Although the slickback haircut is not a short haircut, it looks similar to a short haircut, so it is also included in the list. This is a very premium haircut. If you want a responsible, smart haircut then this will be the best choice for you. This haircut shows off your personality. Standard haircuts for standard people. It is not too suitable for teenage boys. So if you are 25+ then you can choose this haircut. This haircut will give you big, voluminous hair but you should always keep your hair slicked back. You can use hairwell if you want. Or you can put the hair back with a hair dryer. See how this hairstyle will look like in the picture below.

My Opinion

Many of you think that no matter what my face shape is, I will have a short hairstyle. Many times you think that my face tile is oval, I will copy Rithik Rashan’s hairstyle with diamond face shape. But it won’t make you look good. Because your hairstyle is related to your face. Just like your face cut, so should your hair cut. High volume haircuts are best suited for oval face shapes. But many people want short haircuts, this article is for them. In today’s article I have shown 5 best short haircuts for oval faces male. So go through the entire article and pictures carefully and choose your favorite haircut.

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