How to know sim biometric information

All Sim Biometric Information (server copy)


Do you want to know his identity from any SIM number? Cheated someone with money? Then learn from this post how to know someone’s name and information by using their number.

Why do we need SIM information?

Many times it happens to us that we go to buy something online and pay without knowing someone and then that person scams us. They don’t give us goods with money. Meanwhile we are anxious to know their identity. To know their location. So today I will tell you how to get the scammer’s information from the number on which you paid.

How to get sim information?

To get SIM information you will need Telegram apps. Download the Telegram app from Playstore and create an account. Then you can join the groups given below and the groups will help you to get SIM info.

Telegram Links

How to know your own sim biometric information?

If you want to see which ID card your own SIM is registered with or how many SIMs are registered with your ID card then follow the steps below.


Send an SMS to 4949 with the text ‘Info’. If you want to check for another person, type “Reg 17 digit NID Number” and send it to 4949 for the SIM card registration check.


Dial *1600*2#’. There is no specified USSD code to check for different NID cards designated by Banglalink. You can use the unanimous the code to perform the SIM check. You can also use My Banglalink app to check this.


Dial *1600*3# on a registered SIM under their name. A list of phone numbers registered under that user will appear.


Dial *121*4444# to check registered phone numbers under your name. If you want to check for a different person, use the unanimous code.


You can check the SIM numbers registered under your name by typing ‘info’ and send an SMS to 1600.

If you don’t understand. Then follow this:

Operator NameShort Code
Grameenphone (GP)Write “info” and send to 4949
RobiDial *1600*3#
BanglalinkDial *1600*2# 
AirtelDial *121*4444#
TeletalkWrite “info” and send to 1600

Biometric registration is very important for SIM. If biometric is not done, that SIM is not usable. Before 2016, many people used many sims which were not biometrically registered, due to which many crimes took place. But now all sims have to be biometric. So it is important for us to know how many SIM biometric registrations are registered in our name and whether we have the SIMs.

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