All the world news of the last week at a glance (17 February 2024)

All the world news of the last week at a glance (17 February 2024)


Every day different events are happening among us. But all events are not important for our life. It is not necessary for us to know all the facts. There are some facts that we should know. To know about the world we need to know these events So like every time again viral news appeared with the highlighted events of the last week. Let’s take a look in all the world news of the last week at a glance from 11 february to 17 february 2024.

Imran Khan’s wife Bushra’s life is in danger.

Last month, Imran Khan and his wife Bushra Bibi were sentenced to 14 years in prison for the Tosakhana corruption case. Imran Khan is kept in jail in Rawalpindi. But his wife Bushra has been kept at Bani Gala Residence. Bushra Bibi said that she is not getting any security in her house. He should be taken to a safe jail as soon as possible. His life is in danger. He also said that something was mixed in his food. Bushra feels something acidic after eating food. He is being mistreated. He wants to show it to the world.

Trial date set for Donald Trump’s hush-money case

Trump has continued his political activities without being proven innocent in the tsunami of last April. The judge could not fix his trial date for the last 10 months. The future politics of the X President of the United States depends on the trial of this tsunami. The maximum punishment for this tsunami trial can be 4 years in jail. The judge ordered Trump’s lawyers to appear in court on March 25. This trial may be taken up on March 25.

Los Angel Kings beat New Jersey Devils 2-1

The Los Angeles Kings edged out the New Jersey Devils in a close 2-1 matchup. Quinton Byfield scored the winning goal on a rebound during a power play with under 6 minutes remaining. David Rittich, the Kings’ goalie, had a stellar performance with 26 saves, particularly in the face of heavy pressure from the Devils in the third period.

The Devils fought hard, with Tyler Toffoli scoring their only goal. Despite generating plenty of chances in the third period, they were unable to beat Rittich and fell short of a comeback. The Kings received a lift from the return of Viktor Arvidsson, who made his season debut after recovering from injury.

Pfizer agreed to pay $93 million to settle the lawsuit.

Settlement: Pfizer has agreed to pay $93 million to settle antitrust claims from drug distributors, including Rochester Drug Co-Operative and Puerto Rico’s Drogueria Betances.

Accusations: Distributors accused Pfizer of using illegal tactics to delay generic versions of Lipitor, a cholesterol drug, inflating prices for over a decade.

Denial: Pfizer denied wrongdoing and called the settlement a “fair” way to resolve the case.

Impact: The settlement provides “immediate relief” to distributors but the case against Ranbaxy (acquired by Sun Pharma in 2014) continues.

Next Steps: The agreement needs court approval and lawyers will seek up to $31 million in fees from the settlement fund.

Additional Notes:

Pfizer introduced Lipitor in 1997 and it generated over $130 billion in sales during its first 14 years.

The settlement amount is significantly lower than the potential damages claimed by distributors.

Indian National “Motel Owner” Murdered in United States.

The News reports on the shooting death of Pravin Patel, a motel owner, by 22-year-old Derrick Moore in Sheffield, Alabama. While this specific case appears to be an isolated incident with no connection to the broader issue of violence against Indian or Indian-American individuals, the article acknowledges several other recent tragedies involving this community:

A family of Indian origin, including young twins, were found dead in California in a suspected murder-suicide.

An Indian IT executive was fatally assaulted outside a restaurant in Washington.

An Indian student was attacked by robbers in Chicago.

Investigations remain ongoing into the deaths of two other Indian students, one at Purdue University and another in Illinois from hypothermia.

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