Earthquake in nepal

Another 5.7 magnitude earthquake in Nepal


Earthquake felt again in Nepal. At the same time, this earthquake was also felt in India and China. Its magnitude was 5.7 on the Richter scale.

Earthquakes occur when one rock moves on top of another in the Earth’s interior. An earthquake is a sudden change in position or movement of a part of the earth’s surface.If something in the house suddenly begins to sway—for example, a wall clock, hanging pictures, or any other furniture including the bed—an earthquake should be understood. In simple words, earthquake is the shaking of the earth.

An average of 6,000 earthquakes occur around the world every year. Most of them are subtle, which we don’t notice. There are generally three types of earthquakes—major, moderate and mild. According to the depth of the source, earthquakes can be divided into three categories—shallow, intermediate and deep earthquakes. If the epicenter of the earthquake is within 70 km of the earth’s surface, it is classified as shallow, between 70 and 300 km as intermediate and below 300 km as deep earthquake.

Earthquake duration is usually a few seconds. But this can cause massive destruction in a few seconds. According to the magnitude of the earthquake, there is massive loss of life and damage. The instrument used to measure the magnitude of an earthquake is called the Richter scale. Units on the Richter scale range from 1 to 10. A level greater than 5 on this scale means a threat of severe disaster. A one degree increase in earthquake magnitude can increase from 10 to 32 times. Earthquake magnitude on the Richter scale—5 – 5.99 is moderate, 6 – 6.99 is severe, 7 – 7.99 is severe and 8 is extremely severe.

According to Google Earth, the epicenter of the earthquake, which occurred at 4:46 pm on Monday (November 6), was six kilometers from the city of Payink in Nepal. Initial reports of damage and casualties were not available. 

Earlier, the French news agency AFP reported on the country’s government officials that at least 132 people were killed in a 5.6-magnitude earthquake in a remote area of ​​Nepal last Friday. The origin of this earthquake, which occurred during the day and night in the western part of the country dominated by the Himalayan mountains, was 18 kilometers deep. This information was given by the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

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