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Asad Noor, an inferior youth of Bangladesh, is once again speaking bad words against Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and the Holy Quran.


Asad Noor, an inferior youth of Bangladesh, is once again speaking bad words against Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and the Holy Quran. He is totally a mad man who trying to famous by speaking bad words Against Quran.

Who is Asad Noor?

His full name is Asaduzzaman Noor.

Date of Birth: 8 August 1991

Date of Death: N/A

Asad Noor is a Bangladeshi young blogger. He repeatedly speaks very harshly against the Muslim religion. Many cases have been filed against him but he has been acquitted time and time again.

Asad Noor’s Home Address:

Upozilla: Amtoli

Zilla: Borguna

Country: Bangladesh

What Asad Noor did:

Asad Noor is the name of a bastard child. Today, there is not a single Muslim who does not know about him. Noor again attached to his name, he doesn’t deserve it. His house is in Amtali police station of Barguna district. There is another atheist named Limon Fakir who is his friend. Both of them are atheists.

Mufassil islam, name of another bastard child. He is the master of Asad Noor. Some time ago we knew that he was a Muslim but now he has joined the ranks of atheists.

Asad noor

If they are called puppies, the dog will be insulted because the dog does not misbehave with its master, in fact they are the enemies of Islam who call themselves Muslims, in Islam it is said to refrain from imposing any injustice or anything on the people of other religions, but the enemies of Islam Killing has also been ordered.

Asad Noor’s video

Now let’s come to the work, whose videos are being made viral by the current atheists through Facebook or increasing their promotion, the truth of the saying “propaganda is spread” is being implemented by the atheists, why are Muslims lagging behind..? One reason is that some of us are members of Facebook spam groups, when someone starts preaching truth or Quranic hadith or educational words, he is disabled, on the other hand, we share the posts/videos of atheists or fill them with like comments on their posts. Dear spammers, you can do so much, but the ID of the atheist is still alive, how to disable it.

Again, when someone posts an Islamic post, they don’t like it, but thousands of Facebookers have liked the page.

“Criminals don’t belong to any party, they come under the umbrella of the powerful party to save themselves”, so don’t think they are Muslims, they were with Muslims to survive.

It may be that after their birth, they were not given the sound of adhan, so their faith is not towards Islam, they were born in a Muslim family, for that I will definitely blame their parents.

Asad noor's picture

Protests should be started by Muslim men in every mosque, para, mohalla demanding the punishment of these enemies of Islam, I saw in the news that the students of a girl’s school are protesting instead of Muslim men in Amtali, Barguna, this is a big mistake.

Surely the destruction of the enemy of Islam is near, God willing.

Above all, the main thing is that these atheists are handed over to the law as soon as they see them.

At Last:

The Muslims of Rangpur city held a protest march and human chain to demand the arrest and execution of Asad Noor, a blogger who insulted the Holy Prophet (S) and Islam. On Friday (August 11) after Friday prayers, Muslims from different mosques of Rangpur metropolis gathered at the press club square with a protest march ignoring the rain. At that time, they started shouting slogans demanding the arrest of Asad Noor as an atheist. There, the Muslims made a human chain and assembly.

Tanbir Hossain Ashrafi, founder of sports, cultural and social organization Bangla Eksi, general secretary of Rangpur District Ahle Sunnat Wall Md. Shafiqul Islam Shafi, joint secretary Shamsul Haque, organizing secretary Imad Uddin Monir, leader of Mahanagar Gauchia Committee Wazed Ali Dulu, Ahle Sunnat spoke in the rally. Metropolitan President of Youth Council and Khatib of Noor Madina Mosque Maulana Abu Isha, District President of Youth Council Maulana Atiqul Haque Anas, Khabir Mufti Engineer Mushfiqur Rahman of Ashrafia Jame Mosque, Muazzin of Noor e Madina Jame Mosque Maulana Omar Farooq, Muazzin of Babupara Mosque, Maulana Abdul Malek. Jalal Uddin and others.

At that time, the speakers said that the blogger Asad Noor insulted the Holy Prophet (S) and Islam, but the government has not arrested him yet. The government is violating the constitution. 90% of the Muslims of this country cannot accept this. They demanded immediate arrest of Asad Noor and maximum punishment. The speakers threatened to go for a larger movement if the government did not do it immediately.

Khatib of Nawabganj Bazar Jame Masjid Maulana Shahjahan Ali led the prayer at the end of the gathering.

9th August 2023

Blogger Asad Noor has been re-arrested for making insulting statements about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Islam on social media, and protest marches and protest rallies have been held at Brahmanbaria’s Sarail to demand maximum punishment.

This program was held on the initiative of Shahbajpur organization in anticipation of light in Shahbajpur of upazila on Wednesday (09th August) afternoon. The procession started from Shahbazpur II Gate and passed through Dhaka-Sylhet Highway through Shahbazpur I Gate and ended at II Gate. Later the protestors met and held a rally there.

Syed Jusek gave a brief speech at the meeting, Maulana Shah a. Quddus, Maulana Pir A. Quddus, Maulana Yakub, Maulana Khalilur Rahman, Maulana Mahmud, Maulana Sifat Jameel, Suhag, Rubel Mirza, Afsar Khan Jihadi, Nazmul Hasan Bashari, Majnu, Raunak Khan etc.

Speakers in the rally said, Asad Noor is a worm in the dustbin. Atheist Asad Noor insulted our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Islam. We strongly condemn the people of Shabajpur in Brahmanbaria. I demand arrest and punishment through Interpol police to the honorable Prime Minister. The heart of all our Muslims is bleeding due to his actions. We demand his hanging.

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