Attempt to kidnap Neymar's newborn child, robbery at girlfriend's house

Attempt to kidnap Neymar’s newborn child, robbery at girlfriend’s house


Times are going well for Brazilian star Neymar Jr. He has been sidelined for a long time with an ankle injury. Meanwhile, a terrible incident happened with her newborn daughter.

The robbery happened at the house of Neymar’s girlfriend Bruna. At that time, three robbers tried to kidnap their newborn daughter.

The incident took place in Cotia, the metropolitan area of ​​Sao Paulo. Bruna’s house is there. But he was not there with his daughter. were his father and mother. Three armed assailants stormed Bruna’s home in the early hours of Tuesday morning Brazilian time. The one caught between them is Bruna’s neighbor.

Neymar’s partner Bruna told about the whole incident through Instagram. According to local media reports, the miscreants repeatedly demanded to know the whereabouts of Bruna and her daughter. However, Bruna said on Instagram that she no longer lives in the house. But it goes without saying that they would have faced great danger if they had.

It is known that Bruna’s father and mother’s hands and faces were tied and looted by the gang. They splurge on luxury purses, watches, jewelry. However, after seeing the footage of the CCTV camera, the police managed to prevent the robbery. It can be seen that the car in which the robbers fled is the car of Bruna’s neighbor. The neighbor said that he has now given his car to his son.

After that, the police started questioning the man’s 20-year-old son. After being questioned by the police, he confessed to the robbery. The looted items have been recovered. It is also clear who is involved in this crime. Bruna’s father and mother were not physically harmed. Although Neymar did not elaborate, he strongly condemned such incidents on social media.

Spanish media Marca reported that Bruna, Neymar’s girlfriend and mother of the child, lives in Sao Paulo’s Metropolitan Cotia. Three armed robbers broke into Bruna’s home in the early hours of Tuesday (November 7) local time in Brazil. Members of the house are repeatedly asked where Bruna and the newborn are. Meanwhile, the bandits tied Bruna’s father and mother’s hands and robbed them. They fled with bags of money, watches, jewelry.

But it didn’t take long to identify the robbers. The law enforcement forces identified the robbers after seeing the CCTV camera footage.

Brazil’s Municipal Civil Guard (GCM) said one of the robbers was a local resident. The car in which they arrived at Bruna’s house belonged to a resident of the area. The owner of that car was arrested and brought to the police station for questioning. It is known that he gave the car to his son. When his son was then interrogated, he admitted that they had attempted the robbery. However, they did not say anything about the attempt to kidnap Neymar’s child.

After the robbery at his house, Bruna wrote on social media, ‘My house was robbed early in the morning with my parents tied up. I, my children and my sister no longer live there. I was not there at the time of the incident. By God’s will we are all well. All those associated with this incident have been caught.

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