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Best earning website in 2023, how to make money online?

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Do you want to earn online? But can’t earn due to the right direction? Have worked on many websites but not succeeded? Then this article is for you. Here I will show you how you can earn a lot of money online. Today I will show how you can easily earn from online through mobile. Let’s start.

Today I will show you a very easy way to earn a lot of money. I will show you how to earn income by just taking pictures with your phone and selling them. Don’t go away without reading the whole article thinking who will buy the picture and sell it. I will show you everything from taking pictures to where and how to sell to whom. You can easily take any picture without any effort and upload it to a website where some of your pictures will be sold every day. Thousands of visitors and buyers come here to buy pictures. Today I will talking about the best picture selling platform “Shutterstock”. There is no investment. Easy way to make money online.

What is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is a picture shopping website. You can buy any pictures royalty from shutterstock. Also, you can become a contributor here if you want. There are over a million pictures and thousands of new pictures are uploaded every day. Hundreds of thousands of visitors visit here every month and view the pictures. Some of them may even buy your picture. So start working today without delay and make money online.

Shutterstock for make money online

How to create account on shutterstock?

There are 2 types of accounts on Shutterstock. One is the normal account and the other is the contributor account. Since we want to earn we will open contributor account. Click here to open a contributor account. Then follow the below steps.

Step 1: after you clicking the link you will go to a page. You will see there create an account option, click there.

Create an account in Shutterstock make money

Step 2: after clicking create an option, you will see a information asking page. Fill up the form with your real information. Then click next.

Create an account for make money online

Step 3: After clicking next, you will receive an email on your provided email account. This is a confirmation email to activate your account.

Email confirmation on shutterstock

Step 4: check your email and click to “please click here to verify your email”.

Verify email on shutterstock

Step 5: after verifying you will see a page like this. Click next.

Email verified after on shutterstock

Step 6: enter your home address and phone number here. Then click next.

Add information on shutterstock

Step 7: you will see a page like bellow. You can upload your picture here by clicking upload, those picture you want to sell. Or you can click go to your dashboard.

Go to dashboard on shutterstock

Step 8: from here, you can click + icon then upload media.

Shutterstock dashboard make money online

Step 9: you will see a page like this. Click to “select multiple files” then upload your photo/photos.

Upload files on shutterstock for make money
Upload content for make money

Step 10: after completing upload click next you will see a page like this. Then select your photo/photos that you want to submit for sell. Then give your photo meta descriptions and tags and what type of photo you upload i mean category.

Submit files on shutterstock for make money

Step 11: Then click submit. You will see a Pending option. You can see there all your submitted photos who is on pending for approval. When they will be approved. then your photo will be ready for sell.

Pending files on shutterstock

How can you withdraw money?

There are 3 options through which you can withdraw your money. Options are Payoneer, Paypal and Skrill. First you need to setup your payment method. After completing your payment setup you will be able to get payment. Set minimum payment to 25 or more. When you earn minimum payment. You will get a payment to your selected account (paypal/payoneer/skrill).

How to setup payment method?

Step 1: Go to your account dashboard. From there you will see 3 dot menu on the left side, click on it. Follow the picture below.

Setup payment mathod on shutterstock make money

Step 2: click on “account settings” then scroll down.

Account settings on shutterstock

Step 3: fill up your payment information. Give your paypal gmail or connect your payoneer or skrill account.

Select payment mathod

You are all done. Now just upload your photos and videos for selling approval. When your photo will be approved. Your photo will goes for sell.

Earning proof:

I’m not professional for shutterstock photo sell. But i created an account previously and upload some pictures. I got 1 sell for my pictures and got 0.10$ for 1 selling. I didn’t try to sell, just try to understand that, What is really being sold here? Check my screenshot bellow there is the proff.

Earning proof on shutterstock

It is a good earning real website. This is a business. I just uploaded 6 pictures and got 1 download from there. If you upload 200+ pictures and edited good quality pictures you can earn a lot. Try to earn from here.

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