Hairstyles for diamond shape faces

Best Hairstyles for Diamond Shape Faces (Male)


If you want to make your face look beautiful then you have to make your hairstyle beautiful first. Because by changing the hairstyle we can change the look of the face a lot. You will often notice that you look different when you wake up, and when you get out of the shower with frizzy hair. Hair is the main reason for looking different at different times. That is, if you change your hairstyle, your look also changes. If you have a diamond shape face then check out the best hairstyles for Diamond Shape Faces.

What is Diamond Shape Face?

We all have a face shape. Everyone has a different face shape. As such, our hairstyles are also different Because not all hairstyles suit all face shapes. Many people look at different actors, models and go for their hairstyles, but after doing it, they see that they do not look beautiful but look worse. The main reason for this may be that your face shape does not match the face shape of the person whose hairstyle you have copied. That’s why the hairstyle you want to copy, first note it, whether his face shape matches your face shape.

Some face shapes are named to highlight similar face shapes among different face shapes, one of them is Diamond Face Shape. Some of the features of diamond face shape are, face will be long, cheekbones will be strong, cheekbones will be wider than forehead, sharp jawline and facecutting will be like diamond.

First you should know which is your face shape. Read this article to know which is your face shape. If you have Diamond Shape face then continue reading this article. If you have another shape face then you can read other articles which will best match for your face shape.

What is your hair type?

You know your face shape is diamond face shape. You also need to know what type of hair you have to style your hair. Let’s find out what type of hair you have.

There are basically 4 types of hair. These are:

  1. Straight
  2. Wavy
  3. Curly
  4. Coily

By looking at the name, you may have roughly understood which hair type is called which. However, briefly know:

1. Straight:

If the hair is normal and not curly then that hair is called straight hair.

2. Wavy

Hair that is neither curly nor completely straight, somewhat like water waves is called wavy hair.

3. Curly

Curly hair is hair that is slightly coiled like a snake.

4. Coily

Many people think that curly and coily hair are the same. But coily hair is very tangled. Curly hair is more common among Africans. Hair that is often twisted like a coil is called coiled hair.

Some Hairstyles for Diamond Shape Faces:

I will show some hairstyles for diamond shape face boys according to hair type. There are different hairstyles for 4 different hair types. Of course, if you use the hairstyle according to your hair type, then your look will be very beautiful.

1. High Volume Hairstyle:

Those with straight, curly and wavy hair can use this hairstyle. This is a very beautiful haircut for diamond shape face. Most of the actors with diamond face shape wear high volume hairstyles. No matter what your hair cutting style is, you should keep your hair big. Indian actor Hrithik Roshan’s haircut style can be understood. He has a big haircut most of the time. Long hair suits diamond face shape best.

2. Side Low Fade

In this haircut style, you have to keep the side hair short and the top hair long. Be sure to keep high volume hair on the top of the head. In this case, you can also follow Indian actor Rithik Rashan’s hair cutting.

3. Textured Crop

In this hairstyle you need to keep the back and side hair faded. And the hair of the top should be slightly bigger than the side. But there is no need to keep buzz cut here because buzz cut does not suit diamond face shape.

4. Crew Cut

In this hairstyle you have to keep the hair short on the sides and back just like the texture crop but here the hair on the top should be a little bigger. If you look at the picture below, you will understand that some texture should be kept on the top hair.

5. Messy Crop

In this hairstyle, you need to make your hair a bit messy and textured type. And the front hair should be kept upwards. It will give your face a very beautiful look.

6. Faux Hauk

If you are looking for the best trending hairstyles, then the faux hawk is one of the best hairstyles. In this hairstyle you need to keep volume on the top hair and fade the side hair. With this, you can give a slightly faded cut to the forehead hair.

7. Pompadour Hairstyle

This hairstyle will have equal volume on the top and sides of your hair. The back hair will also have volume. It is a simple style. But it is a beautiful style for diamond face shape.

8. Side Part

It is a classic hairstyle. If you are a student who is not allowed to style hair in school or college then you can do this hairstyle. This is also a simple hairstyle, but it suits the diamond face shape very well.

My Opinion

Throughout the article I have described the best hairstyles for diamond shape faces. If you want a beautiful hairstyle then choose one of these hairstyles. Definitely go to a good salon and get a haircut. Be sure to shampoo and wash your hair thoroughly before cutting your hair. Because if there is oil or dirt in the hair, it is difficult to give a nice cut to the hair. Instead of going to a normal salon go to a salon or parlor that has good experience.

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