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Best SEO Tips, 10 most common mistakes in SEO!


The success of a website depends on proper optimization in terms of content marketing. The better an online content marketer can manage the SEO aspects of their website. Then the higher search engines will rank their website. Today we will talk about SEO Tips, 10 most common mistakes in search engine optimization.

As technology develops, the various rules of search engines are also continuously updated and improved. Along with that, people keep applying different types of new strategies every day to rank high on search engines. Due to the . of search engines, webmasters are also adopting many new competitive strategies to survive in the top search results list.

Due to search engine algorithm updates, many good websites cannot compete and their traffic is decreasing. As a result, many Internet marketers are abandoning their online businesses. In this competitive time, many people often make common mistakes due to poor understanding of SEO. Causing their website to fall further and further behind in the search results list. You think common sense, what will happen to your blog/website? If you do poor SEO in these competitive times where SEO is struggling even if it is done well? Common mistakes made by article editors that we will discuss today.

Seo tips and mistakes

1. Wrong keyword selection (SEO Tips)

One of the most common mistakes is not choosing the right keywords. In most cases, article editors start writing articles without paying attention to keyword selection or research. Therefore, even though there are good quality articles in the publication, the desired publication cannot rank well on search engines. Because the right keywords are not chosen.

Before starting to write about the topic you intend to write about, carefully check the keywords, what kind of keywords are searched online for the desired topic and what kind of keywords are important, etc. In this case, the more relevant and relevant keywords you choose, the more likely your article will appear at the top of search engines.

2. Keyword stuffing (SEO Tips)

Most webmasters think that if they include keywords in every sentence when writing articles, they will get more visits. As a result, you may find that article editors use keywords in unnecessary places in their articles.

In this case, the search engine marks the article as spam due to the use of multiple keywords in one article. So the article editor does not perform well in search engines despite writing a good quality article. Try to keep keyword density between 5% and 6% when writing articles.

3. Using irrelevant keywords (SEO Tips)

I also see this error on many good websites. In most cases, the article editor wrote a great article. But they should have chosen a different keyword for that article instead. Also in this case the article cannot rank well in search engines.
Because search engines always want keyword related articles. Naturally think that you are writing a post on the topic “Android” but the post is more about Windows than about Android. How would you rate the post in this case? Although this is not exactly the case in my example, it is close in most cases. It should be kept in mind that the subject you are writing about should be given more priority than the post.

4. Non-Original Content (SEO Tips)

I always strongly advise everyone to write good quality unique content on the subject that you have full experience without copying someone else’s blog/website content. Because the easiest and main way to get blog visitors is quality unique content. As a result of the modernization of search engines, all search engines can now easily mark copied articles.

In this case, no matter how cleverly you publish other people’s content on your blog, the content of your blog will be recognized by search engines very easily.

Seo tips

When you use new and unique content on the blog, this content will be able to bring visitors to your blog. Copying content from other’s blog and using it in your blog will not be successful in any way.

5. Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

These two tags are very important when it comes to search engine optimization. Because when something is searched using a keyword in the search engine, the search engine first looks for the title tag of the post. In this case, if you get keywords in Title Tag, your post will come easily in search results.

On the other hand, if the keyword is not found in the title tag, then the search engine looks for the keyword inside the meta descriptions. If the keyword is found in the Meta Descriptions, the post has a higher chance of being ranked in the search results. That’s why I would say that while writing these two parts, you must arrange the title tags and meta descriptions beautifully with the combination of your desired keywords.

6. Not having back links (SEO Tips)

Back Links play an important role in increasing the value of your blog to search engines. Most Bengali bloggers do not give any importance to this matter. But if your blog is linked with a good website/blog. Then link juice will be brought to your blog from that website. For that, it is not necessary to just post regularly. After making a new post, you can link your post to a good blog that is related to your post through various arguments. It will also actively contribute to increase traffic to your post.

7. Not having internal links (SEO Tips)

Not having internal links in the blog post is another common mistake. If you always avoid this issue, then I say you are doing the biggest stupidity. Because there is no trouble for this matter. Only when posting, you can link posts that are somewhat similar to your new post through Anchor Text.

This will help the search engine crawler to crawl and index your new post faster. Although this matter will not be able to bring you visitors directly from the search engine, but the visitors coming from the search engine or elsewhere will be able to increase the page view by staying for a long time by visiting the other posts of the blog.

8. Non-Responsive and Non-Mobile Friendly Design

Google has recently been pushing to create mobile friendly websites. Because people now do a lot of computer work through mobile. Moreover, Google has also announced in April/2016 that, blogs, that are not mobile friendly will have a negative impact on their blogs/websites SEO.

If your website is still a computer-only version like the old days, you can’t expect to get visitors from a variety of small devices. In this case, you will be deprived of getting large traffic to your blog. So it will be wise to design your blog Responsive and Mobile Friendly through a good web developer.

9. Not using social media

Nowadays the use of social media has increased at such a massive rate that everyone is using social media sites as a major source of traffic to the website. In this case, if you don’t share your posts on good social media, then you will also miss out on huge traffic. You can do this by creating a page on different types of social media in the name of your website and sharing posts on them. Moreover, you can increase traffic to the blog by joining different groups on social media and sharing your posts.

10. Not doing traffic analytics

It is also a common mistake not to regularly review the amount of traffic your blog is getting from which sources and the traffic coming from search engines through which keywords. You might say that this is not related to search engine optimization or will not contribute to traffic growth.

Yes, although it will not directly contribute to increasing traffic, but by researching it, you can get a clear idea about what you should do in the future or what kind of keywords you need to post with, by getting ideas about your blog’s traffic sources, keywords, and more. One of the most widely used and popular tools nowadays is Google Analytics. You can easily add it to any kind of website or blog if you want. These tools provide a clear idea about the details of a website in a very short time.

If a content marketer or online marketer manages his website properly keeping in mind the above 10 things related to SEO, then he will be able to easily compete with any good website and increase enough traffic from search engines. Unless a webmaster corrects these mistakes and publishes the article, he cannot expect to get any good results from the search engines.

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