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Best Wikipedia alternatives to creat your own profile in 2024


One of the biggest platforms to present your identity to the world is Wikipedia. Not only your personal identity, but also your work, your business, if you put all the details in Wikipedia, it will reach people very easily. If you are a well-known person, if you are a celebrity, you can create a page on Wikipedia for yourself or your business. Creating a page on Wikipedia or Wikimedia requires some authentic news about you or your business. If you create a page in your name on Wikipedia without a news reference, it will be deleted in no time. So if you really want to create your profile on Wikipedia or similar web then follow this article completely. Here I will tell you about the best Wikipedia alternatives and how to create your own profile there.

Why do we need a wiki profile?

A wiki profile is a profile from which people can find information about you. If you’re a celebrity, you definitely need a Wiki profile. Among the wiki sites, the most popular site is Wikipedia. That’s why most people want to create their own profile on Wikipedia. When people search about you, who are you, who is in your family, what do you do, where will they get this information from? They must have a particular site where they can get all this information about you. Wiki sites fulfill these needs.

If you need to inform people about yourself or your business, wiki site is the best choice for you. Whenever someone searches about you or your business on Google or any other search engine, these wiki websites will provide information about your topic to those people. That is, even if you want to bring yourself in the search on Google, you can create a profile on the wiki.

Best Wikipedia Alternatives:

Here I will talk about 2 Best Wikipedia Alternatives. In these you can easily create your own profile without any news reference. And if you have profile in these wikis it will show on first page in Google search.

  1. Wikialpha: Here you can create your profile like a sim wikipedia. You can give a stylish look to your profile. You can customize your profile however you want.
  2. Everybody Wiki: Here the profile is not too refined. You can create a profile here if you want but there is no guarantee that it will rank on the first page of Google search. And here the pictures cannot be customized. We hope that in the future this site will also improve a lot and everything in the profile will be customizable.

How to create pages on WikiAlpha?

Creating a page on WikiAlpha is very easy. Because no news reference is required to create the page here. Follow the below steps to create your profile page here.

Step 1: Open WikiAlpha home page on any browser.

Step 2: Click on Create Account. From right corner above.

Step 3: Fill up all the requirement informations. Then click on create your account.

Step 4: After creating an account, verify your account by email confirmation.

Step 5: After completing verification. Go to WikiAlpha home page again. Then Search for your name or your business (which profile you want to create). For example, I want to create my own profile “MD Nadim” so I searched for “MD Nadim” and i got there is nothing with my name.

Step 6: Click on Create the page “MD Nadim” on this wiki (Your name or your business name will be shown, which you searched for).

Step 7: You will get a box to write about you. Like this screenshot bellow:

Step 8: If you know about coading, then create your profile by your own idea. If you dont know how to write htlm code. Then just copy my code from the file bellow. Download the file then open it and copy all codes from there.

If you use my template you will get a page like this:

Step 9: Copy all codes from the downloaded file and paste on the box.

Step 10: Replace all the information. And give your information there.

Picture Uploading:

Step 11: Upload your photo by clicking Upload file from the middle left side. You should open this “Upload file” link in another tab to avoid reloading.

Step 12: After clicking upload file, you will see a page like this. Click on Choose file. Then select your photo which you want to add on your Wiki profile page.

Step 13: Then click Upload file. You will see a link copy this link to add pictures on your wiki profile. You can upload multiple pictures one by one by following this process. Then back to your Profile creating page tab.

Step 14: Replace the link from picture my picture to your picture. In there my picture link is ‘Nadim.jpg’ suppose your picture link is ‘Example.jpg’ then replace ‘Nadim.jpg’ to ‘Example.jpg’.

Step 15: After replacing all the informations. Click on Show preview. You will see how your profile page is look like.

Step 16: If everything is ok then click to Save page. You will see your page on google after 12 to 24 hours by searching the page name you create there. In my case it is “MD Nadim Mostaq Eman”. I searched my name on google and got my profile there.

How to create pages on Everybody Wiki?

The procedure for creating pages in WikiAlpha and Everybody Wiki is almost the same. Follow the steps below to know how to create one. This is also one of the best Wikipedia alternatives.

Step 1: go to Everybody Wiki’s home page. Then click on Create an account.

Step 2: Fill up all the requirement information. Then verify your email. Complete your account creation.

Step 3: After creating an account successfully, go to Everybody Wiki home page again. Then search for your name or your business name which page you want to create here. In my case i want to create my own profile “MD Nadim”.

Step 4: If you creating a page for your own name then click on Create a biography called “Your Name”. If you create for your business then click ” Create a page about a company called “Your Company Name”.

Step 5: You will see a page like this. Fill up all the information there. Then click save. Then write about yourself and save the page.

You will see your page on search engines after 12 to 24 hours. You can search my name “MD Nadim Mostaq Eman” you will see my pages for WikiAlpha and Everybody Wiki.

My Opinion

Throughout the article I have not only shown Wikipedia alternatives but also how to create your profile page on them. So definitely read the entire article carefully then you can create your own profile very easily. I show you the A to Z process of how to create a Wiki Profile. Even after this, if anyone has a problem to understand, then let me know in the comments, I will try to solve your problem.

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