Camera Compare: S23 Ultra vs S24 Ultra

Camera Test: Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Galaxy S24 Ultra


Finally, Samsung’s latest phone series S24 has arrived. Many people ask the question, how much has Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra been upgraded to S24 Ultra? Today we will discuss this trope, how much upgrade Samsung has brought in their new phone compared to the previous phone. If you haven’t read the detailed comparison article of iPhone 15 Pro Max and Galaxy S24 Ultra, then read it here. Let’s take a look now Camera Test: Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Camera Specs:

CameraS23 UltraS24 Ultra
Back200MP main

12MP ultra wide

10MP periscope 10× optical zoom

10MP telephoto 3× optical zoom
200MP main

12MP ultra wide

50MP periscope 5× optical zoom

10MP telephoto 3× optical zoom
specs difference

There is not much change in the camera space here. Only here the 10MP 10x lens has been replaced with a 50MP 5x lens. But even after that, Samsung claims that the 50MP 5x lens provided here will provide better zoom quality than the 10x lens. Let’s practically see the camera fight of these 2 phones.

Practical Camera Test: Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Galaxy S24 Ultra

In terms of camera space, Samsung has kept the main camera and front camera of S23 Ultra and S24 Ultra the same. But since Samsung’s camera will be maintained by AI, let’s take pictures practically with all the cameras and see what has changed in the picture quality despite being the same camera. . Since the S24 Ultra’s 50MP (5× telephoto) camera is new this time, we won’t be comparing it. Because it is a different level camera.

Front Selfie Camera:

Samsung has given the same front camera in both their 23 Ultra and 24 Ultra phones. However, we can see some changes here. The S24 Ultra has slightly improved picture quality. Full credit to Samsung for their AI. The S23 Ultra appears to have yellowed the picture here, but the S24 Ultra’s color accuracy is much better. It shows the correct color. Also, S24 Ultra’s picture quality is better than S23. I can see more sharpness in S24 Ultra.

Indoor S24 Ultra’s camera picture looks good but outdoor is the opposite. Here, the picture taken with the S23 Ultra’s front camera seems brighter. The picture of S23 Ultra looks good and looks more qualitative. But zooming shows that the picture quality of S23 Ultra is not as sharp as that of S24 Ultra. The S24 Ultra has more details in its pictures and it has better control of lights and shadows so it looks like it has less brightness in its pictures.

At Night:

Even at night indoors, S23 Ultra’s picture looks a bit yellowish behind S24 Ultra’s picture. So there is no doubt that S24 Ultra’s color accuracy is much improved than S23 Ultra’s. In the past, we used to see that when comparing Samsung with iPhone, Samsung’s pictures looked warm type. Maybe this time it won’t be like that.

S23 and S24 ultra front selfie at night outdoor

This picture was taken with both phones night mode on auto mode. Here we can see a big difference between the picture quality of S23 Ultra and S24 Ultra. By zooming, it is understood that the picture of S23 has become soft whereas S24 has been able to give detailed picture even in ultra low light. In low light, the Samsung’s camera was lagging behind the iPhone. Maybe this time it is also solved.

Primary Main Camera:

It is here as the main camera Galaxy S24 Ultra has 200MP and S23 Ultra also has 200MP wide camera.

The main camera of Samsung’s latest flagship phone is amazing. The camera of S23 Ultra was the best camera just a few days ago. If you compare it with the camera of S24 Ultra, it can be seen that its picture quality is better. Follow the picture, here it is clear that the saturation is high in the picture of Galaxy S24 Ultra. Color quality is much better than S23. Look at the trees in the background The Galaxy S24 Ultra highlights the green trees well. In addition, S24 has taken a perfect picture in terms of skin tone, color accuracy. Follow the picture below to better understand the details of the skin:

Note skin color and dark spots. The S24 Ultra also brings out the dark areas well, whereas the S23 Ultra has blacked out dark areas. That is, we knew that the S23 Ultra highlights the light well, here the S24 Ultra controls the light and dark areas better than that.

Here, the 2 pictures look almost similar, but if you zoom in, you can see more details in the picture of S24 Ultra.


Nothing to say here. 2 cameras can capture beautiful portrait pictures. They can take pictures of prime quality. But as always, the S24 Ultra’s face tone and color accuracy are excellent.

4K 30fps Video:

You can understand that the video quality is much better than before by looking at the screenshot. Also, S24 Ultra beats iPhone 15 Pro Max and there is an article on my blog about this. The S24 Ultra’s video quality beats even the latest iPhone model, the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Undoubtedly it is much better than S23 Ultra.

At Night:

At night, both took beautiful pictures, but the S24 Ultra’s pictures show more details.

I have already said that S24 Ultra’s light maintain is of excellent level. Nothing contrary to that was seen here either. The S24 Ultra maintains deep light along with low light which makes night pictures come out better.


The S24 Ultra’s edge detection is much better than the S23 Ultra’s at night when it comes to portraits. Besides, if you look at the bokeh, you will see that the bokeh effect of S24 Ultra is more. Many like it and many don’t.

2× In the field of portraits, S24 Ultra will be the winner here because the details in the picture of S24 Ultra are more.

Ultra Wide Camera:

Both the phones have a 12MP camera as an ultra wide camera.

I don’t see any difference here. The picture of both the phones looks almost the same. So has Samsung made any changes in terms of ultra wide cameras? Lets see a different picture.

Here also both the pictures look almost same. There is only a difference in the color of the grass. This is another proof that S24 Ultra has improved a lot in coloring. In other words, S24 Ultra’s ultra wide camera has also improved coloring.

At Night:

Samsung’s ultra-wide camera at night has seen a lot of changes. You can understand the shadow of the trees and the sky if you see them. Also, by simply looking at the picture, it is understood which picture is more qualitative.

Back in the day we thought Samsung might not have made any major changes to the ultra wide camera. But after seeing the night picture, I realized that Samsung has made a big change in all their camera lenses. Samsung has also focused a lot on their ultra wide camera. Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has managed to maintain the light very well in this picture. Maybe the iPhone 15 Pro Max could not maintain the light so well here.

3× telephoto lens:

In terms of telephoto lens, S23 Ultra and S24 Ultra have the same 10MP camera.

In terms of taking natural pictures, 3x is the same on both phones, but like all cameras, the Galaxy S24 Ultra wins here. Here too, S24 Ultra has more details, better color accuracy.

3× telephoto picture of galaxy s24 ultra

Again we see the yellowing of the facetone of the S23 Ultra in the field of telephoto lens as well. Here too the Galaxy S24 Ultra wins without any talk.

At Night:


When it comes to portraits, both Samsung’s phones are almost on par, be it day or night. However, since the S24 Ultra is processing pictures with AI medium, it is expected to process better in the future. So we can say that the S24 Ultra Future will surpass all other phones including Samsung in terms of picture and video quality due to its AI processing. It already beats the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

What is the difference between the latest phone and the phone just 1 year ago? Samsung’s latest phones are nothing compared to their previous models. We can understand this only by looking at the camera. There are many differences between the camera of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Galaxy S24 Ultra. So if you want the latest and best quality camera then you must shift to S24 Ultra. And if you want the best camera compared to other phones, then the S23 Ultra is not less good in terms of camera. So you can upgrade as per your wish or Galaxy S23 Ultra is not bad either.

Credit: Pictures taken from Techno Arena

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