Can Galaxy S24 Ultra beat iPhone 15 Pro Max

Can Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra really beat iPhone 15 Pro Max?


The two most powerful phone companies of today are Samsung and iPhone. One is based on Android operator and the other is based on iOS. It is clear to everyone that Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is an all-rounder phone based on Android operating system. But can it beat iOS too? Simple answer: no. It’s close to the iPhone but still can’t quite beat the iPhone. Let’s know the details by reading the complete article. In this article we will know, Can Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra really beat iPhone 15 Pro Max?

Differences between both phone’s Specifications:

We all know the difference in specifications. There are other websites where you can see the differences between Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Check out the full difference comparison here. I am showing now only those differences in specifications which are very important.

FeaturesGalaxy S24 UltraIphone 15 Pro max
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 8 gen 3Bionic A17 pro
Camera200MP Primary
12MP ultra wide
50MP 5× telephoto
10MP 3× telephoto
Front 12MP

48MP Primary
12MP ultra wide
12MP 5× telephoto
Front 12MP
Build in Artificial intelligence YesNo
specification difference

Remember this table. I will explain this in the full article.

Lets Compare which one is best?

Follow the table Here I have first shown the processor difference between Galaxy S24 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Let’s find out what are the differences between them and who will be the real king?


First we ran Geekbench between the 2 phones to check the processor speed. See the result in the screenshot below:

Here S24 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max are almost the same in multicore CPU results. But iPhone is still boss in single core CPU results. Even this time, Samsung could not beat the single core iPhone’s Bionic A17 Pro processor even with their Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 inbuilt AI processor.

Samsung fans and Samsung themselves also claimed that their new processor will perform much better. Yes, it is closer to the iPhone than before. But still could not beat the iPhone and get up. However, since it has given almost the same results as the iPhone in multi-core and since it is a brand new phone that has not received any updates yet. The processor of the phone is still not very stable. So it is expected that in the future we will get better Geekbench results in this phone through this processor which will beat the iPhone. But so far, Samsung’s processor cannot beat the iPhone in either single core or multi core.


There is no end to talk about the camera. As we’ve seen since the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung has beaten the iPhone every time it comes to the photo camera. He had no choice this time either. This time too, Samsung is beating the iPhone in terms of photo camera. But Samsung claimed that this time Samsung will improve the camera a lot through in-build AI in their phones. It is both photography and videography. Has Samsung really managed to beat the videography of the iPhone 15 Pro Max with their S24 Ultra? Let’s see:

Photography differences:

I declare first. The Samsung S24 Ultra is the iPhone’s boss in the photo camera. I am giving some samples to facilitate your understanding.

Main Camera:

This is a picture taken with the main camera of both phones. Here, Samsung captures more saturated and detailed pictures than the iPhone.

Ultrawide Camera:

Here the Samsung S24 Ultra captures a beautiful picture. Where the iPhone has downgraded the quality and color of the picture while capturing detailed pictures.

5× Optical zoom:

Here Samsung has maintained much better color details and details are much better as compared to iPhone. But the iPhone captured a natural picture. Whichever you like.


Samsung has been the king of portrait photo clicking ever since the S22 Ultra. S24 Ultra also has no alternative. Here, the bokeh effect and face tone on the S24 Ultra has been shown very beautifully and perfectly, better than the comparable iPhone. And I got relatively more clear focused picture quality from S24 Ultra than iPhone.

Night Selfie:

Do you see? How much better is now Samsung on night photography? I just want to told that iPhone has no chance to win this time on photography. Samsung is best now also at night. There is a clear detailed picture output we got from samsung. Follow the hair, you can notice, how much details on the picture. But after all iPhone also not bad. iPhone just tried to maintain facetone.

Night Mood Main Camera:

Earlier we knew that Samsung is king in daytime photography but lags behind iPhone in nighttime photography. But after seeing the S24 Ultra’s night photography, I am forced to say that this time Samsung beats the iPhone in day/night/portrait all types of photography. Follow the signs with lights on top of the building. Then you can understand how much better Samsung controls the light than the iPhone.

So in photography, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra completely wins over iPhone 15 pro max.

Videography differences:

In photography, Samsung beat the iPhone long ago, but in videography, even with last year’s S23 Ultra, Samsung could not beat the iPhone. Can the S24 Ultra beat the iPhone 15 pro max in terms of videography? Let’s see:

I won’t say much about the video of the day. Because it will make the article too big. I will make a separate article for videography later. But now I will compare S24 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max with night videography. Let’s see how the video quality is.

Daylight s24 ultra 8K vs 15 pro max 4k videography:

This year’s s24 ultra’s 8k video recording is not just 8k in name. It also beats the iPhone’s 4k in action. If you look at the screenshot, you will see that the video quality of S24 Ultra is much sharper than iPhone, there are many details in the video. That means the days of the iPhone are over.

Macro mode:

Samsung’s ultra wide camera is used for macro videography. Samsung lags behind here. But the iPhone doesn’t compromise on macro video either. They have also provided a good performance camera lens here. If you follow the screenshot, you will see that the picture details of Samsung and iPhone both are roughly the same, but Samsung is behind the iPhone in terms of color accuracy. iPhone also gives better output in macro video.

4k 30fps main camera video:

Do you understand whose video quality is better? I think Samsung’s S24 Ultra is finally ahead of the iPhone in main camera videography. If you zoom in on the screenshot, you will understand that Samsung has maintained the lighting better than the iPhone. The video of S24 Ultra is beautiful to watch because Samsung’s AI has beautifully highlighted the lighting here. This time, however, it must be said that Samsung is no longer lagging behind the iPhone in terms of videography. Let’s look at some more samples.

oww, just look at this red color screenshot. Where the iPhone is unable to capture the details properly due to the red color lights, the S24 Ultra is handling the colors and lights very nicely. I don’t think there should be any doubt about videography that Samsung is beating the iPhone in videography as well.

Cinematic videography/ bokeh videography:

If you want to shoot cinematic videos at night or in low light then you must go for Samsung. Because the iPhone can’t capture the cinematic effect properly in low light. There are cinematic videos with very beautiful bokeh effect on Samsung. Although Samsung has less light and less detail in the video, Samsung has certainly done a better job here than the iPhone. Because where the iPhone can’t capture the bokeh effect due to low light, Samsung is able to capture the video well. The main reason for this is that Samsung uses the main camera and ultra wide 2 cameras together to focus on the subject well while making cinematic videos. In this case, iPhone can’t beat Samsung in low light.

5× lens videography:

From here it is clear that Samsung has worked the most with their main camera. We’ve also seen the ultra-wide camera can’t beat the iPhone, and the 5x optical zoom lens here also lags far behind the iPhone in color accuracy. But Samsung has done so much more. Because in the past Samsung could not beat the iPhone in videography even with the main camera. Now, at least on the main camera, videography beats the iPhone in all aspects of photography. In the future, we may see Samsung beat the iPhone in the rest of the lenses as well.


Samsung has talked about many upgrades with the battery this time. They are claiming that this time Samsung’s battery backup will be much more than before because this time the phone has in-build AI that follows your phone usage and optimizes the battery to give better backup. As we know, S24 Ultra has Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor which is a very powerful processor. The more powerful the processor is, the more its power consumption will be. After this, Samsung is claiming that this S24 Ultra will provide a much better battery backup than the previous models, where the S22 and S23 Ultra also had a 5000mAh battery. Has Samsung really managed to increase their battery backup without making any changes to battery power? Let’s see:

Yes, “Finally” Samsung has done the best things that Samsung lover always wanted. Now we can told that galaxy S24 ultra is completely an all-rounder phone.

Build in Artificial Intelligence:

Samsung has presented their phone’s artificial intelligence in such a way that I don’t think I need to say anything about it again. More or less everyone knows about Samsung S24 Ultra’s build in artificial intelligence, what it can do, why it is given. However, I am telling all the features in short. In terms of artificial intelligence, iPhone is nowhere near Samsung because we have not seen anything about artificial intelligence in iPhone yet. So here I will only talk about Samsung’s artificial intelligence features.

This is the first time that artificial intelligence is in-built in smartphones. So of course there is no competitor of Samsung in this aspect. Since iPhone doesn’t have in-build artificial intelligence, I won’t talk much about it. Just know some major features of Samsung’s inbuilt artificial intelligence.

When talking about the features of Samsung’s artificial intelligence, the call features come first. Now you can talk and listen to anyone in any language without any internet. No external app or internet connection required. That is, if you have called someone and you are talking to a Spanish speaking person, but he does not know your English language, then you can translate the language in the call with the intelligence of your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. You speak here in English and the person on the other side listens to you in Spanish. And the person on the other side will say it in Spanish and you will hear it in English. In addition, you will get the support of inbuilt artificial intelligence on all the features of intelligence in the camera, video editing, paragraph writing, summarizing.


The iPhone 15 Pro Max is priced at $1,199 and the Galaxy S24 Ultra is priced at $1,299. In terms of price, there is a difference of only 100 dollars between Samsung and iPhone. For many the amount is only but for many it is more. So if you are a regular iPhone user then there is no need to shift to Samsung if you want to upgrade your phone. You will get better service on iPhone.

Which Phone Should You Buy?

If you are a businessman. If you need Samsung’s artificial intelligence features, such as live call translation. It is a very useful feature that can be useful for almost all businessmen. If you need these features, then you can definitely take the Samsung S24 Ultra phone, it will help you a lot in your work. If you want to shift from iPhone to Samsung for its artificial intelligence feature and if your money is not factor then definitely you can shift to Samsung because now Samsung is an all rounder phone it is beating iPhone in almost all aspects. In Comparism of camera, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra beat iPhone 15 pro max.

However, if you are a gamer, iPhone is the better option for you if you want to play games to your full potential. Samsung is not that bad. But here iPhone processor is very good which will make your game experience much better. And if you are loocking for security then iPhone will best for you. I’ll prefer your for go with iPhone.

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