switching car insurance after accident

Can you change car insurance companies after an accident?


With the passage of time, people’s living conditions have improved a lot. Along with this, the needs of human life have come out. That is why today we have many technologies including cars, modern houses, business establishments. As the demand has increased, the risk to human life has also increased. That is why various insurance companies have been developed. Which insure us on various things. One such insurance is auto insurance or car insurance. In today’s article we will know: Can you switching car insurance after accident?

Your questions answer is “Yes” you can change your car insurance in any time. But after your accident, you will get the benefits of your pre-existing insurance. Currently you will not get the benefits from the company or the type of insurance you are taking. Learn more below.

Can you change car insurance companies after an accident?

What is Car insurance?

We all probably know what insurance is. However, to understand better, briefly know what auto insurance is, how it works.

If we have a car, either we use it personally or maybe we use it as a means of earning. If we have a car, we have to insure it. There are some countries that may not require insurance with a license but in most countries you cannot drive without insurance. Insurance is not a company’s trick. This is your life protection. If there is an accident with your car on the road, this insurance company will take the responsibility of money for all the damages of that accident along with your car. Insurance will protect you financially. So if you are a driver, even if insurance is not mandatory in your country, getting yourself an insurance will protect you in many ways.

Car insurance

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When and how does auto insurance work?

Imagine you are out on the road with your car. While driving you accidentally have a serious accident with another luxury car. The accident was entirely your fault, maybe you caused the accident while driving distractedly. The car you had an accident with may be worth more than you can afford. Even the owner of that car may die. If you do, then you definitely cannot afford to compensate the owner or the owner’s family. What do you do in this situation? You will be sued. Courts can impose fines of very large amounts. Then you cannot pay this penalty. This is when your insurance will come in handy.

If you have taken insurance from any company then that company will help you according to your type of insurance. Currently there are mainly 4 types of car insurance.

If you have Third party insurance, your insurance company will only pay the compensation on your behalf if you have an accident with your counterparty. But don’t pay for the damage to your car or yourself.

If you have comprehensive insurance, your company will pay for both your and your opponent’s car in this accident. But here full compensation will not be given. Each company has its own rules. For example some companies give full compensation for metal items but 50% compensation for plastic and tires. It varies from company to company.

If you have zero dept insurance then your insurance company will pay all compensation for both you and your counterparty.

And last is return to invoice insurance. If you have this insurance and your opponent’s car is completely destroyed and it cannot be repaired, then if you have this insurance, the company will give you the full amount to buy a new car.

Switching car insurance after accident.

Can you switching car insurance after an accident? If you suffer an accident and want to change your insurance company or change your insurance type, you will get better coverage with a new insurance. Then you are thinking wrong. Having such an attitude will not do you any good and you will also lose your existing insurance. So don’t decide to change the insurance just after the accident. At least don’t switch thinking that another company will give you more benefits.

switching car insurance

I hope you understand that if you take insurance from another company, you will not get any help from the new company for your accident. If you want to change the company for any other reason then you can. When changing, the new company will want to know about your driving, about your car, be sure to tell the truth. And mention that you are already dealing with an accident. Because lying or hiding something will reflect badly on your insurance company. The company may not consider you eligible for insurance. So tell the truth honestly, they will consider you very easily. This new insurance company will not handle the accident that you are already facing. This will be handled by your old insurance company. After switching to a new insurance company, if any accident occurs again, your new insurance company will cover it.

Should the insurance be changed after the accident?

You should not change the insurance company immediately after an accident. Because it will have a bad effect on both your current company and the new company. Because the existing insurance company will know that you will no longer take insurance from their company so they will not want to give you proper benefits. And the company to which you want to shift will think that you have already done an accident and immediately want to switch to their company to get better benefits. Therefore, after an accident, you should first contact your current company to resolve the issue. Once the accident issue is fully resolved you can choose and switch to another company for new coverage. Then you don’t have to be accountable to the new company.

Stay well, stay healthy and of course get insurance and then hit the road with the car. Because no one can tell when an accident will happen.

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