China called women for stay home

China is encouraging women to stay at home to increase population.


China’s population is decreasing day by day at an alarming rate. There is a constant shortage of youth in the country. Death rate is higher than birth rate. The Chinese government has already taken various steps to sustain future generations. However, the situation did not change much. Forced to increase the population, the country’s ruling Communist Party introduced new ideas. Now the ruling party is encouraging women to stay at home. They are called to go back to the old customs. This is the way China’s leaders are looking to overcome the problems and recover the slowing economy. At the end of the Women’s Congress of the Communist Party of China last Monday, the country’s President Xi Jinping and other leaders gave such a hint to women. However, the women of the country are afraid of such a decision of the government. The New York Times.

A Women’s Congress (Women’s Conference) is held in China every five years. For the first time in two decades there was no woman in the party’s executive policy-making body. This means that China is drastically reducing gender equality in the party. In previous conferences, the country has prioritized the role of women in the workplace as well as at home. But President Xi made no mention of the role of women in the workplace in this year’s speech. Rather, the assembly emphasized women’s marriage and childbearing. Addressing women delegates at the closing meeting, Xi said, ‘We should actively nurture the culture of marriage and childbearing.’ The party also has a role to play in influencing young people’s views on ‘love, marriage, fertility and family’, he added.

The issue of engaging in various economic activities including job-goats has been avoided in the conference. According to President Xi, women’s return to traditional life is essential to ‘China’s path to modernization’. Although the top political gathering was for women, it was dominated by men. Other leaders also emphasized marriage and childbearing in their speeches. According to the advice of experts, the Chinese government is working with extreme importance to bring back the population growth to the previous trend. One initiative after another. Providing cash incentives (tax benefits to encourage more births). Yaqiu Wang, director of research at Freedom House in Washington, said, ‘Chinese women are alarmed by this trend. Countless women have fought against authoritarian governments and patriarchal societies over the years.’

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