China wants military cooperation with the United States

China wants military cooperation with the United States


Despite its closeness with Russia, China is interested in military cooperation with the United States. That hint came at a military summit in Beijing ahead of next month’s summit.

Instead of condemning Russia’s attacks on Ukraine, China has developed closer ties with Russia over the past 20 months. According to critics, this closeness reveals China’s true position. Despite the pretense of an officially neutral position. Both countries strongly criticize the Western world and argue for an alternative international structure. Top military officials from China and Russia criticized the US at a summit in Beijing on Monday.

Deutsche Welle reports that the absence of China’s defense minister at the opening of the annual international military conference, the Xiangshan Forum, caught the eye. Li Shangfu was abruptly fired last week. However, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu is attending the conference.

He warned the Western world that they are creating great danger by getting involved in the Ukraine war. According to him, by intensifying the crisis with Russia, the Western world is increasing the risk of direct military conflict between the nuclear powers.  This can result in a huge disaster. Shoigu alleged that the Western world was trying to defeat Russia strategically by conducting a ‘hybrid war’.

While not as directly critical of the US as Russia, Zhang Yuxia, vice chairman of China’s military commission, complained that, “some countries” are deliberately creating instability and interfering in the internal affairs of other countries to try to overthrow the government.

Bringing up the issue of Taiwan, he said that it is a place of China’s fundamental interest. According to him, no country should provoke other countries on major and sensitive issues. According to Russia and China, some foreign powers are trying to destabilize Asia after Europe.

China is also showing an interest in military cooperation with the United States. Rather than desperately criticizing the Western world like Russia The rest of Zhang Yuxia’s speech reflected that position 

He said that China wants to deepen strategic cooperation and coordination with Russia. At the same time, Beijing is also interested in building military cooperation with Washington. For the purpose of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and mutual benefits.

Note that a US delegation is also participating in the Chinese military conference. However, it is not clear whether the members of that group will meet the Chinese military officials. Contact between the two countries is increasing ahead of the summit between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping next November. Last week, China’s top diplomat Wang Yi visited Washington and met with Biden.

While the United States gave importance to China’s military conference, the rest of the Western countries either did not attend. Or sent small delegations They are giving importance to ‘Shangri La Dialogue’ in Singapore to discuss international security issues.

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