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Argentine team captain and world legend football player Lionel Messi creates as much on the field, his speed is also very fast in terms of income. He is considered as the richest player in the world (World’s Richest Player). Under the leadership of Messi, the Argentina team reached the final of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Messi, who owns billions of wealth, lives a very luxurious life. His luxury home, private jet and car collection can be guessed at. Apart from sports, Messi also earns a huge amount through brand endorsements.

As of November 2022, Lionel Messi’s net worth is $600 million. Indian currency which is about Rs 4,952 crore. With this amount of wealth, he is the highest paid athlete in the world. Apart from sports, he also earns a lot from promoting many famous brands.

Looking at the Forbes report, Messi earned USD 130 million on and off the field from May 2021 to May 2022. According to the report, Messi’s daily income is 1,05,00 US dollars.

Messi has played the last World Cup in 2022. The 35-year-old athlete has made it clear that this FIFA World Cup will be his last World Cup. In this situation, he is doing an amazing performance to win this title for the third time for the team. Besides playing, Messi is also in discussion about his luxurious lifestyle.

Messi, one of the contenders in the race for the Golden Boot at the World Cup, has a luxurious home. This includes bungalows in Barcelona’s no-fly zone. Apart from this he also owns a luxury hotel.

Messi also has a private soccer field at his Barcelona bungalow, again by the sea. This bungalow is located in No Fly Zone. Means flight movement over it is prohibited. The star footballer also owns a luxury hotel called MiM Sitges, which has 77 bedrooms. He also owns a luxury bungalow on the island of Ibiza, near Spain, where he often vacations.

A private jet worth 100 crores is another part of Lionel Messi’s luxurious lifestyle. Messi is often seen traveling on this jet with his family. On the back of this jet is a number 10 symbol, which is also Messi’s jersey number. According to reports, its cost is around Rs 100 crore.

Lionel Messi’s jet, specially designed by an Argentinian company, has two bathrooms, a kitchen and seating for over 16 people.

Global English edutech company Baiju recently roped in football star and global sports icon Lionel Messi as its first global brand ambassador. It was announced for the company’s global brand education for all. Messi is the apple of the eyes of billions of people around the world. I am a fan of Messi and you too. But do you know about the highest paid athletes in the world? If you don’t know then we will inform him. If you know how much Messi’s net worth is, your eyes will widen.

Messi is the biggest name in the world of football. He has billions of fans all over the world. His lifestyle is very splendid. The football legend is not only on the field, but has left behind all the athletes in the world in terms of income. According to the insider, Messi’s total net worth is 600 million dollars i.e. 4830 crore rupees. Which does not have the turnover of big companies. With this net worth, he earns big money in the promotion of many famous brands in the world.

Football’s biggest star Shanda is especially known for his lifestyle. Lionel Messi has a palatial bungalow in Barcelona. He spent many years in Spain. He built a house there for the football club to play in Barcelona. This beachfront bungalow has a private football field and is priced at Rs 519 crore. Apart from this, Macy’s bungalow also falls within the no fly zone. That is, no aircraft can fly over it. Apart from plush bungalows, Massey has its own luxury hotel. The MiM Sitges hotel has 77 bed rooms. Out of which a night’s stay is £105.

Along with his game, Messi is also in the headlines with his lifestyle. Baiju’s Brand Ambassador Lionel Messi Alishan Bungalow has all the amenities. Not to mention the swimming pool here without the football ground. There is an indoor gym and play ground for children. Immediately from his room there is a view of the Balearic Sea. Apart from MiM Sitges, Messi also has hotels in several other cities. But this is the most beautiful. The hotel also has a bar on the top floor. From where the whole city can be seen.

Not only in houses and hotels, you can imagine Lionel Messi’s luxury lifestyle by looking at his private jet. Messi often travels with his family on this jet. The number ten sign is also affixed on the back of the Footballstar private jet. The special thing is that his jersey number is also 10. According to media reports, the private price is Rs. 100 crores. It is made by a company in Argentina. It has two bathrooms, a kitchen and 16 more seats.

According to Insider’s report, Macy’s has a huge collection of luxury cars. It includes several high speed cars. Talking about his collection, besides the 2 million dollar Pagani Zonda Tricolore, there are several expensive cars like Masserati GranTurismo, Ferrari F430 Spyder, Dodge Charger SRT8 and Audi-Range Rover.

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