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From now on, battery health can also be seen on Android phones.


As we all know, battery health has been seen in iPhone since long. Many would like if Android could see the battery health like this, it would be very useful. Then we could use phone as battery health. Many times we go to buy an old phone, while looking at the iPhone, looking at its battery health, we get an idea that how old it is or how long it can be used. Also from now we will see this feature on Android too. Let’s know the details how battery health can also be seen on Android phones.

Google has said that it will provide a total of 7 years of Android and security updates to its latest phone Pixel 8. And manufacturing companies have recently been increasing the availability of device repair and even self-repair programs. Now you may have a question, the post is about the battery health feature of Android, so why am I saying this. The reason for saying this is if you want to buy a phone and use it for a long time. If you want your phone to update for 7 years and you use it for 7 years, then of course your phone’s battery will not be good for 7 years. Your phone battery needs to be changed after 2-3 years.

The reason for this is that the battery of the smartphone gets degraded, which reduces the maximum charge capacity and battery backup. But it becomes difficult to understand when to change the battery of the Android phone. Although there are many apps that can be used to make an estimate, there is no reliable official feature like iPhone’s “Battery Health” on Android phones.

The Android operating system already collects a lot of battery-related information from the first boot. As a result, the native Android system can provide a better idea about the battery than other third-party apps.

Google has started the process of bringing the battery health feature to Android with Android 14. Basically, for the benefit of Android 14, the battery health feature like iOS is coming to Android phones. As part of the Pixel feature drop in December of this year, a page called “Battery Information” was added to Android to display the manufacture date and cycle count. Android 14 has added some new APIs for knowing features like battery health which will basically display the full charge capacity as a percentage. It’s a great upgrade for Android.

Android 14 QPR2 Beta 2 adds a page called “battery health” which will show “health” considering the overall condition of the battery. Information about battery degradation can be found on this page. If any kind of degradation related issue is detected, it will be informed to the user through a warning on this page. An approximate state of total charge before and after battery recalibration may be expected from recent data.

Google is working to bring many more new features along with battery related information like part status, serial number. There will be three options named UNSUPPORTED, ORIGINAL, REPLACED from which it will be known whether the battery is original, or replaced, or unsupported.

The part status and serial number will be displayed based on the data from the battery, but Google hasn’t said anything about their plans for this. Starting with Android 15, more battery health information will be added to Google’s Pixel devices. If this feature is available in Android like iPhone, then it will be possible to get a clear idea about when the battery of the Android phone should be changed.

My Opinion

If Pixel devices come with a battery health feature, other manufacturers are expected to add the same feature to their custom Android skins via API.

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