How to make a template on CapCut?

How to be a creator on capcut 2024 (Update Method)


CapCut is a very popular app these days. With this app you can create videos as you like. There are many templates that can be used to create videos by inserting videos or pictures. But another feature of capcut is that here you can earn money by creating templates. To create a template you must first be a creator of CapCut. Apply to become a creator. Earlier there was a method where when you go to Templates option from Capcut app, you will see the form to apply to be a creator in the banner. But currently this method is not working. So I will show you the new way how to become a template creator in CapCut.

How to become a templete creator in CapCut?

There was a method used to become a creator on CapCut app that no longer works. Maybe it has closed capcut because there are too many creators on capcut now But it is still open for the people of the United States. Some people are getting form to become creator in template option and most people are not getting any form. So today I will show you how to become a creator of capcut in an alternative method. Follow the below steps from the creator.

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Step 1: Download and open CapCut app from playstore. Or if you are an ios user then download it from your ios store.

Step 2: Login to your CapCut account or create a new account.

Step 3: Click on Templete option. Then click on search box.

CapCut Templates

Step 4: search for “lan anh” on the search box.

Step 5: click to “Lan Anh [LA]” profile. Open profile.

Step 6: click on Agency (Join my creator team).

Step 7: Click on apply for applying. Or you can simply scroll bellow.

Step 8: fill up all the requirements. There is no need to fill Reference code. If you really want to give a reffer code then write “SANLTD” after complete all the requirements click on Submit.

You have successfully applied to become a creator. Now wait for the replay. You will be emailed to the email address you provided to let you know if you are eligible to become a creator.

How to make a template on CapCut?

If you are an experienced template creator then creating templates in Capcut will be easy for you. But if you don’t have any knowledge about it then I would say, you should first learn how to create templates, then apply to be a creator in capcut. Here I am showing you the options to create template in Capcut. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open CapCut then go to Edit option.

Step 2: You will see project option above. Click on “New project”.

Step 3: Select a video from your album or you can select videos from capcut stock videos. After select videos, you can check HD option to enhance your video quality. Then click Add.

Step 4: After adding videos, you can customize and edit your video, you can add audio and effects to your video. (If you need a detailed article “how to make complete template on CapCut then comment bellow) after completing your edit, click export button above.

Step 5: If you are already a template creator on CapCut then you will see an option to share your templates on CapCut. If you’re not a creator then you can share only on tiktok.

Thats all.

My Opinion

Becoming a CapCut creator is not for everyone. You can create your own templates and share it to TikTok without being a CapCut creator. But if you want to be a professional creator then you can become a creator of Capcut in the above method. And if you want to make your own template, I’ve also shown you how to do it above. Decide first whether you need, a CapCut template creator or create templates for yourself. Then read the above article then create your own template or make for others, as you wish.

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