How to build a career as a web developer

How to build a career as a web developer without degree?


Web developer is a highly in-demand profession these days. Modern information technology has come to hand through the use of internet. The number of websites is increasing day by day. There are more than a billion websites in the world. And for this, skilled web developers are needed. In the age of information technology, web development for careers is far ahead. You can earn money at home. Getting a job as a web developer is very easy. Now hopefully useful. Today we will know how to build a career as a web developer without degree?

Difference between web design and web development:

Web design and web development are two steps in building a complete website. Web design is the first step and development is the last step.
The front-end of a website i.e. the part that users see is done in the web design part and the back-end i.e. the functional parts inside a website are developed in the development part.
This becomes clear if we think about Facebook. The colors, texts, pictures, etc. that we see on Facebook, these display works are done through the design part, and the fact that we can register, tune, and edit such functional works are automated from the development part.
How to become a web developer: Anyone can become the world’s best web developer. But for this the first requirement is concentration. And it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. No one could ever succeed in anything without hard work and dedication. You must be diligent if you want to be successful. If you are willing to work hard and persevere in your pursuit, you will surely succeed as a web developer. You just need to focus on your work.

Why become a web developer?

According to a survey, more than 16 million or more than 16 million websites are created every month in America alone! More than 70 percent of which is done by hiring professional web designers and whose market value is 20.1 billion US dollars. There was a time when websites were just a hobby. But now it is no longer a hobby or a luxury. Rather, it has become a necessity. People are now creating websites for personal and business needs every day. But the number of skilled web developers is negligible compared to the demand. You can earn a lot of money by creating websites according to the client’s needs. 

build a career as a web developer

Apart from this, you can work as a freelancer in various market places. This may be your biggest earning opportunity. Web developers are most in demand in the market places. Remuneration is also higher than other jobs. While the number of graphic designers, data entry operators is increasing day by day, the number of new web designers is very insignificant. Every day the market size of the web development sector is increasing at lightning speed, but the number of web developers is not increasing at that rate. As a result, huge demand has been created in this sector! The number of new web designers is negligible compared to the growing number of data entry operators. Every day the market size of the web development sector is increasing at lightning speed, but the number of web developers is not increasing at that rate. 

As a result,

Huge demand has been created in this sector! The number of new web designers is negligible compared to the growing number of data entry operators. Every day the market size of the web development sector is increasing at lightning speed, but the number of web developers is not increasing at that rate. As a result, huge demand has been created in this sector!

Educational Qualification:

Educational qualification is not a criterion to become a web developer. But if you are proficient in English, you can do very well in the market place. Apart from this another reason is – good tutorials or books on web development are easily available in English. But now many good tutorials are available in Bengali as well.

How much time is required to prepare:

How long it takes you to get ready depends on your talent and hard work.  And how fast can you take it all in? Also depends on how much time you spend learning web development. But usually anyone can become a fairly good web developer within six months to a year. The truth is, you’ll never finish learning it. After six months of ideation, you will know how qualified you are to actually take the job right now. You must be aware of the latest updates and update yourself accordingly. Otherwise you will never be successful. Even if you are temporarily successful, you will soon lose your place. Remember there is no end to learning.

Where to learn?

Now there are so many resources online that you can easily learn. Here you will find all tutorial resources. Or you can learn from various training centers. One thing to note is that you must give time. YouTube also has various Bengali and English tutorials. You can learn a lot from site: Virul News and from category Technology.

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I got it from where to learn, but how to start, how to do a web development, many questions are coming to mind, right? The first thing to do is to try each tutorial as soon as you see it. Remember that as simple as it looks, doing it yourself is very difficult. If you write with your own hand, you remember very quickly.

Where does a web developer work?

As a web developer your scope of work is limited to website work only. In today’s internet era, all kinds of organizations need a website. Therefore, although the work area of ​​a web developer is limited to a specific place, there is a lot of variety in the work style and there is a lot of opportunity to show creativity in this case. If you want to work with diversity and are interested in creative work, you can work as a web developer.

What kind of work does a web developer do?

First of all, the work of a web developer is different from that of a web designer. A web designer usually deals with the design of the website, the layout of the website, and how the interface of each page will look. Essentially, a web designer is tasked with creating the external appearance of the website. Both web designers and web developers need to have good knowledge of coding and programming. The job of a web developer is to perform the inner workings of a website. How a website will be structured, from performing server tasks to solving server problems for the benefit of users, and facilitating and structuring the website through the use of various applications are the responsibilities of a web developer. As a web developer your job type will be as follows –

  • creating and maintaining website structures;
  • facilitating and coordinating the operation of the Website by fixing server functions;
  • Resolve any problems encountered with the website;
  • You have to do the front end and back end work of the website. Frontend means the external appearance of the website. In this case, you have to work to maintain the structure in terms of the external appearance of the website. On the other hand, in the case of back-end, it is generally necessary to work with these three things – server, application and database. The server usually has a database in which all your information is stored. If you want to do both frontend and backend work together, it is currently possible to do it through WordPress. As a web developer, you will need to do server work and application work, including website data input;
  • You have to do website monitoring.

What kind of qualifications should a web developer have?

  • Personal skills are more important if you want to work as a web developer. In many cases, recruitment is done on the basis of personal skills even without educational qualification. However, if you want to work as a web developer, the qualification depends on the institution, but usually anyone who has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering is hired. In some cases you may be hired even if you have a diploma degree in computer engineering. In most cases information technology or IT, computer engineering, Degree in Telecommunication Engineering is mentioned. Apart from this, in most cases it is seen that the subject of degree mentioned in the recruitment circular is relaxed for recruitment based on past experience and sound knowledge. Again in many cases you will be hired based on your knowledge of coding and programming only if you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree rather than any specific subject. In this case the matter is totally dependent on the institution and you can get hired even if you don’t have a degree in computer engineering. In most cases a degree is not required, but in some cases a master’s degree in computer engineering may be required.


  • Experience is important when working as a web developer. A minimum of 1 year of experience is mandatory in most cases for recruitment. 4 to 7 years of experience may be required in some cases. Generally, 1 to 3 years of experience is available as a web developer;
  • There is usually a separate mention of hiring male or female candidates for web developer jobs and there is no such requirement. Everyone can work as web developers without any preference as the work carries equal weight and meaning for male and female.
  • If you want to work as a web developer, experience is very important, so there is an age limit for recruitment. Generally an age limit of 20 to 30 years is mentioned for recruitment. However, an average minimum age of 18 years to a maximum of 45 years can be specified for recruitment as a web developer.

What kind of skills and knowledge should a web developer have?

  • To work as a web designer, you need to know the workings of different types of applications. In this case, you should have a fair understanding of software;
  • Working knowledge of all types of software and applications including HTML-5, CSS-3, WordPress, Ajax, PHP, API, JSON;
  • Must have a sound understanding of frontend and backend working and regularly scour the internet to learn new things to do;
  • It is important to be creative. Demonstrating your creativity and application and coding skills in website development is beneficial for later career advancement.

Web Developer Income:

A skilled web developer can easily earn several $5000 per month within a short period of time. According to information provided by Indeed , the average annual salary of a web designer is $60,182; Which is about, if calculated every month it stands at $5000

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