Check battery health: (100% accurate method)

How to check battery health on any android (100% real method)?


Nowadays there are very few people who do not use smartphones. As the use of smartphones is increasing, the smartphones are also getting upgraded. Currently, smartphone batteries are non-removable. So opening or changing them is a hassle. Of course, the batteries are very stable so they don’t wear out quickly. But we need to know about battery health to get an idea of ​​when it will go stale. Let’s see how to check battery health on any android?

People want to buy a phone that they can use for a long time. That’s why the phone companies are also guaranteeing security updates and software updates with their phones. But a phone has many different parts that cannot be kept well for a long time even if you want to. One of these parts is the battery. So we need to know about battery health. iPhone already has in-built battery health monitoring option in their phones. So we can easily know and understand iPhone battery health check. But Android has not yet given any option regarding inbuilt battery health. Although it is said that battery health option will be added to Android after 2024. We can know the battery health in many ways even though it is not in-built in Android. I will tell you one of the methods today.

Check battery health: (100% accurate method)

Battery health check may be different for different devices so read the entire article and follow the step by step guidelines.

Step 1: Download Capacity Info apk from playstore.

Capacity info battery health checker

Step 2: Open the app allow all permissions. You will see page like this

Battery information

Step 3: Now charge your phone to 100%. After 100% charging open the app again (if you closed the app). Then click Wear (follow the screenshot bellow).

Battery wear

Step 4: You will see here, Residual Capacity. In my phone it is 4530 mAh (93.3%) so my phone battery heath is 93.3% see the picture bellow.

Capacity info battery health check

Note: Maybe your phone doesn’t show it. The value of residual capacity can be written as 0. If so then follow the steps bellow to find out the capacity. And maybe your phone capacity was 3700 mAh and residual capacity is showing 3755 mAh (101.1%). it could be If this is the case, you can check the phone’s battery health by following the steps below.

If there is no residual capacity even after charging 100% then you have to figure out the current capacity of your phone.

Check out Battery Health manually:

Step 5: You need to know the mAh of your phone’s battery, it will be written in this app or you can search your phone’s model on Google to know how much your phone’s battery capacity was.

Step 6: If your phone’s battery capacity is written as 4300 mAh, then assume it was 4200 mAh. Because the actual capacity is a little less than what is written on the battery capacity.

Step 7: Now see how much your battery capacity is after making it 100% charge. You can see the current capacity option inside the app or you can see the battery current capacity after 100% charge in the notification. Follow the screenshot bellow (in my case i have 39% charge and it is 1780.3 mAh)

Android battery health checker, current capacity

Step 8: Now calculate how much capacity has lost your phone’s battery. In my case, i have 5000mAh battery and the rated capacity of my phone’s battery is 4855 (officially rated capacity). After charged 100% of my phone, i see there is 4530 mAh (from notification current capacity) available on my phone’s battery. So my phone’s battery lost 4855 – 4530= 325mAh. Now lets calculate it as %.

Step 9: if new battery is 4855mAh, it is the maximum capacity of 100% charge for new battery of 100% health. We have 4530 mAh available for 100% charge. So it is 4530×100÷4855 = 93.3%. So my phone’s battery health is 93.3%.

You can check your phone’s battery health by following this. It is a real and easy method for checking 100% right battery health.

How to check battery health on Accubattery?

Here are some more popular apps that can give you an idea about the phone’s battery health. Example: Accubattery apk. However, I have shared with you the app that I like the best and the method of checking the battery health.

Step 1: Download Accubattery apk from playstore. Then follow the steps bellow

Download Accubattery

Step 2: Open the apk then charge your phone less then 15% to 100%

Charge 15% to 100% accubattery health check

Step 3: You wil see there is an option for Health. Click there you will see your phone’s battery health.

Accubattery check battery health

It is showing my phone’s battery health is 84%. But you all seen, on capacity info apk my battery health was 93.3% so which is the real battery health? so i told you i have researched about this and got it, Accubattery doing wrong. So if you want to know about your real battery health then you should check it on Capacity Info apk.

Accubattery battery health checker

How much is the difference between Accubattery and Capacity info apk’s?

There are many differences in battery health between these two apps, accubattery and capacity info. Follow the picture below. 2 side-by-side screenshots taken at the same time, from the same phone. There is about 10% difference in battery health between the 2 apps. But as I have said many times I have researched many popular apps and found accurate battery health in one of them. The name of the app is Capacity Info. The method that I have shared with you.

Difference between Accubattery and Capacity info apk's.

My Opinion

Checking battery health is very important. In this you can take care of your phone. I told u a method above, it is a true and real method for checking battery health. I checked 7-8 phones and got real battery health. You may be wondering how I know it shows real battery health? I am confirmed because I have tried it on some new phones too and got 98-99% battery health there. I got 80-82% on some old phones. So I can definitely say, this is how to figure out proper battery health. If you want to use the phone for a long time, you must check the battery health from time to time and correct your usage pattern. Then your battery will last longer and you will get an idea of ​​how to use your phone, when to charge it and when to change the battery.

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