How to clean silicone phone case

How to clean silicone phone case at home? (2 Easy Ways)


Have you bought a new phone? But don’t want to use the phone cover because the phone doesn’t look good if you use the cover? But if you don’t use a cover, your precious phone may break the touch if it falls from your hands. So you have to use cover. Basically those who buy expensive phones with a little more price fall into such problems. Because if the beauty of their valuable phone has to be covered with a cover, then what is the use of buying a phone with such a high price? To solve this problem, various phone companies have started providing covers with their phones. These covers are silicone covers. But there is a problem because these covers get dirty very quickly. Let’s see how to clean silicone phone case at home.

We want our phone to look beautiful. Phone companies try day and night to present the phone beautifully. After all these efforts, if we have to cover our phone with a cover, then there is no need to buy a beautiful phone. If such an expensive phone falls out of hand once, then the display will be damaged. So we have to use cover. Here we can use silicon cover. Because this cover does not cover the beauty of our phone. The phone is visible through the cover. But this cover also gets dirty after a few days. Contains yellow color. How to remove this yellow color is shown below, see how to clean silicone phone case yellow spots.

Silicon case for galaxy s23 ultra

Method: 1

  • Take your phone out of the cover and set it aside. Place the case in the sink or on a clean towel. Place it so that the stain side is facing up. Then cover completely with baking soda. Make sure the stain is completely covered with baking soda.
  • Baking soda can be very effective on those stubborn stains.
  • Now lightly dip the toothbrush in water and rub it in circular motions on the case. When the spots start to lighten, wash again with clean water. Now wipe with a soft dry cloth.
  • If you still see a light yellow stain, add some dish soap to a little warm water. Then apply this mixture on the cover with the help of a sponge. After that wash with water.
clean silicone phone case

Method: 2

  • Place 1 cup (240 ml) of warm water in a bowl. After that pour about 2 to 3 drops of soap. You can use whatever dishwashing soap you have. But it is better to use mild soap.
  • If the soap is too hard, it can damage your cover. Dish soap is great for removing light stains.
  • First remove your phone from the case and keep the phone away from water. Rub the brush all over the case, especially in areas where you notice excessive staining.
  • Try rubbing in circular motions around the stain.
  • After that wash the cover with clean water. Wipe dry with a soft cloth. In this way, it is better to wash the phone cover at least once a week.

You can clean your phone cover according to the rules mentioned above. The procedures are very simple. If you don’t understand then comment. I will help you personally.

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