how to create whatsapp channels

How to create a whatsapp channel (Whatsapp new feature)


We have seen that Youtube channels can be created, Telegram channels can be created. Instagram channels can also be created which are called broadcast channels. But finally now we can create channel on Whatsapp too. People can subscribe to any channel they follow. You can upload any content on this channel. You can share your website, YouTube or any link. So let’s see how to create a whatsapp channel on android or ios?

Whatsapp new features:

In the last update WhatsApp has added 2 new major features to their app. Check out the features below:

1. You can edit your sent messege: We often make spelling mistakes while writing e-messages. Or sometimes we send a message in anger that we understand only after sending the message. But once the message was sent, it could not be edited and had to be deleted. Whatsapp has brought a new feature to solve this problem. Now you can re-edit your sent message. Let’s see below how to do it:

Step: Click and hold to your message which you want to edit. Then click 3 dot on the top then click edit.

2. Whatsapp channels: Now you can view channels within WhatsApp where you will find a lot of content in the channel like in Telegram which can be liked/reacted but no message can be sent to the channel.

Can everyone open a WhatsApp channel?

Yes. WhatsApp in their latest update has opened the permission to create channels to everyone. That is, from March 2024, any WhatsApp user can open a WhatsApp channel. Follow this article to know how to open.

How to create a whatsapp channel?

As I said earlier not everyone can open WhatsApp channel. However, celebrities or those who have a verified business account can open a channel on Whatsapp as follows:

1. Open whatsapp app. You can see some options there at the top, chats, updates, calls. Click on Updates.

2. Here you will see an option called Channels after Status. And you will see the (+) plus icon next to it. Click on the plus (+).

3. After clicking on plus(+) you will see 2 options. Create channels and find channels. (If you are not a celebrity or you do not have a verified business account on WhatsApp then you will not get the create channel option. You will only see the Find Channels option.) Click on Create Channel option.

4. You will see a pop up for instructions. You can read all for better understand. Then click continue.

5. Now you will see some boxes for your channel name and descriptions. Fill up these and upload a picture for your channel profile then click create channel.

If you can’t understand then follow these pictures below:

how to create a whatsapp channel
create a whatsapp channel

Some Questions and Answers about Whatsapp Channels:

1. Can WhatsApp channel members see your phone number?

Ans: No.

2. Can whatsapp channel admin see your phone number?

Ans: No

3. Can you send any messege to whatsapp channel?

Ans: No you can’t.

4. Can you see other members on a whatsapp channel?

Ans: No. You can see just channels posts.

5. Can you see a post on a whatsapp channel that you didn’t follow?

Ans: If the channel is public, you can see all posts without following. But if the channel is private then you won’t be able to see it.

Whatsapp channel is a new features of whatsapp so enjoy it and stay safe.

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