How to create whatapp channel

How to Create Whatsapp Channel Update Method (For Everyone)


One of the popular social media platforms is WhatsApp. Many people use it for their business and personal reasons. Towards the end of 2023, WhatsApp brought a new major update to their app. In this we see options called edit sent message and WhatsApp channel. Until February 2024, only celebrities could open channels on WhatsApp, common people did not get the option to create. But after March now everyone can create this channel. Let’s see how to create whatsapp channel.

What is a WhatsApp channel and what does it do?

WhatsApp channel is like any other channel where you can share your personal or business products or anything.

Channel means a place where you can share your daily or weekly updates with your followers. There is no shortage of social media these days. But in some countries Facebook is banned and in some countries Insta is banned. There are many people who only use WhatsApp because of their privacy. They can be your followers. You can update them about what is happening with you or your business through WhatsApp channel. In WhatsApp channel only you and channel admins can give some updates, your followers can only react there and can’t write any messages or comments.

How can everyone create Whatsapp channel?

Creating a WhatsApp channel is very easy. You can create WhatsApp channel only if you have a WhatsApp account. Follow below step by step.

Step 1: Open whatsapp apk on your phone (No matter it is Android or Iphone. You can create whatapp channel by following this method on both phone)

Step 2: Slide from right to left and go to Updates. You will see Channels option and Plus (+) icon.

Step 3: click on plus (+) icon then click on Create Channel.

Step 4: Read all terms and conditions carefully. Then click continue.

Step 5: Give your channel name and discription there then click on Create Channel.

Your Channel was created successfully. Now you can share your channel link by clicking Share Channel Link. If you cant understand then gollow the screenshots bellow.

Thats all. You can create a channel like this. Then you can share your channel link to your other social media. You can share your all updates here. This is your own whatsapp channel. Anyone can create a whatsapp channel by following this method.

You can follow my whatsapp channel to get all posts notifications on whatsapp

My Opinion:

Nowadays WhatsApp is a popular social media so whether you are a celebrity or not you should create a personal WhatsApp channel. It can help you in your future work or business. Above I have shown how anyone can open WhatsApp channel. Previously, only celebrities could open WhatsApp channels, but now everyone can open WhatsApp channels. How to open is well explained with screenshots in the full article. So open your personal WhatsApp channel today without delay.

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