How to fix green line on phone screen?

How to fix green line on phone screen (working method)


Greenline, Greenline, Greenline. All around are green lines. In this era of green lines, it is very difficult to keep the phone display safe. It spreads like a virus from one phone to another. Today our topic, how we can get rid of this greenline, of course there will be tips for you last, how to protect your phone before the greenline comes to your phone. So definitely read the entire article carefully. So let’s see how to fix green line on Screen.

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What is green line?

To discuss about the green line, we must first know what is this green line? Of course, since you have come to read this article, you must have a rough idea of ​​what the greenline is, which is why you are reading this article to fix it. However, let’s briefly know what the green line is.

Greenline on Oneplus

A green line is a long spot on the phone screen. This is a problem with the phone’s display. This problem or this stain is not only green in color. It can be any color pink, white, green, blue. But in most cases it is green color hence its name is greenline. However, the pink line and white line are also included in the green line. Simply put, greenline refers to any color line on the phone’s display. But display fungus, display burn, don’t think of these as greenlines. These are separate issues.

Greenline may not appear as just one line. The greenline may also appear as flickering. It can always be flicked.

Why does the Green Line issue occur?

There is much debate about the coming of the Greenline issue. There is still no clear understanding of why the Greenline comes about. But there is a lot of information from people’s reports of when they have had this problem. With this, I will also discuss what the company is claiming, why there is a greenline problem.

According to user reports:

According to phone users, greenline is coming on their phone after this update whenever they update the phone. Many people also say that greenline is a trick of the company, they are issuing greenline on old phones so that they can sell more new phones. But this is a completely wrong idea of ​​the users, which proves that Greenline does not come considering new or old phones. Any phone can have this problem at any time. Many new phones also have this problem. According to many users, they sleep with the phone charged at night, wake up in the morning and see the green line problem on their phone display. All these are answered by the display company which is given below.

Display company and experts claim:

As the main reason for the greenline issue, experts said that the AMOLED displays currently being offered in mid-range or high-range phones are very sensitive displays. It is not yet possible to fully optimize them. In the future when it is fully optimized, this problem will be much less or can be said to be non-existent. The ribbons of the AMOLED display are very sensitive, nano technology is used here, so if there is a little randomness in the flex, the display will have a problem. While making the displays, the company should be more careful in making the display so that it remains stable for a long time.

Answers from experts for users:

According to display companies and various experts, software updates can never, in any way, be the cause of the greenline. Because greenline is a hardware problem. They said, since many users say that they are facing this problem after the software update, it may be that the phone gets hit a lot when they are updating the software, due to this heat, there is a problem with the display’s flex or ribbon, due to which the problem occurs on the display. But they didn’t explain it here, even if you play games, the phone generates a lot of hits, so why doesn’t this problem come when you play games? It is difficult to say whether such problems occur even after playing the game because there are no reports from users.

How to fix green line on phone screen

Users said they saw this issue on the phone after waking up. Experts said that they may have kept the phone charging under the pillow due to which the phone has been hit a lot and this problem has come. Again, many experts say that if they sleep with the phone charged near their head, many times we press on the phone during sleep, due to which this greenline issue can occur due to a lot of pressure on the phone. Because they blame the display’s ribbon and flex as the main reason for the greenline issue.

How to fix green line on phone screen?

Let me first say that greenline is a hardware issue. The main solution is to change the display. Because currently there is no technology that can easily fix any problem in the flex or connector of the green line display. But the greenline issue doesn’t really mean you need to change the display right away. Follow the procedures given below. Maybe your phone has greenline temporarily. If it comes for a temporary period then it can be fixed. Because I have researched that there are many users who got greenline on their phone, and after 1-2 days it got fixed by itself. Those users do not know why it is fixed but I have researched why it is automatically fixed for some users. I am discussing them below, apply all the tips on your greenline issue phone, if you are lucky, your greenline issue can be fixed.

1. Press around the phone

As experts say the main reason for the greenline issue is the display connector and flex. So, first of all, keep pressing lightly around the display of your phone. If your phone’s display connector is loose then pressing it will cause your phone’s green line to go away. As this is a hardware problem, experts say, try some hardware changes first to see if it gets fixed. Turn the phone and press it, you can shake the phone lightly.

2. Reheat the phone

As experts say the flex inside the phone may change due to heating and thus the greenline issue may occur. So you reheat your phone. Because the phone gets hit, the flexes in it can go to the wrong place and the phone can get cold before it is placed in the right place, due to which it can’t be fixed in the right place and due to being in the wrong place, green lines appear on the screen. So heat the phone again so that the flexes can go back to their place and make a proper connection between the connectors. Do not heat the phone with a hair dryer or any other heater as it needs to be heated. Let it hit naturally. For this you can play heavy games, keep the phone in full performance mode.

Note: If your phone has a green line then more than 1 green line may appear after heating. But it is also possible that your phone’s grillnines will go away. So it’s entirely at your own risk whether you try to fix your phone’s greenline by heating it.

3. Off your phone

It may be, your phone is not restarted for a long time (restart means turning the phone off and on). Due to this, a lot of junk files can accumulate in the phone and put pressure on the phone’s processor, due to which the green line can appear on the screen due to wrong reading in the processor. So turn off the greenline as soon as possible and turn it on after 24 hours. Do not turn it on or charge it again. If the issue on the screen is due to the wrong reading of the processor, then it will be solved.

4. Reset your phone

If the green line of your phone does not go even after keeping the phone off for 24 hours, you can reset the phone once. Reset means factory reset the phone. By doing this, all the apps of your phone will come to default form and the phone’s processor will be completely free. After every 6 months we should factory reset the phone once. In this, all the Janak files accumulated in the phone are removed and the phone becomes free. Most of the phone’s bugs, software related problems are fixed after resetting So if your phone has a greenline issue, you can try resetting the phone once.

5. Flash your phone to previous rom

As most of the people think that the greenline issue in their phone is due to updating the phone software. If you also think your phone has this problem after updating. Then flash it to your previous ROM. You will need a computer or laptop to do this. You can find how to flash by searching YouTube with your model name. Or you can go to your phone’s customer service center and ask them to flash your phone to previous version. If your phone has greenline issue due to software then flashing will solve it.

If your green line is not fixed after following the above methods, then changing your phone’s display is the only way to fix it.

Ways to Avoid the Green Line Issue (what to do?)

If you want your phone to never get greenline issue then you need to follow some tips to run your phone. If you already have greenline on your phone then maybe following them now won’t help. But if the greenline issue has not come to your phone yet, then follow the tips given below, you can be very safe from the greenline issue. These are well researched methods so don’t ignore them and follow them.

1. Do not put the phone under the pillow.

When you charge your phone. Make sure it rests on something solid. Because currently all phones support fast charge. We use fast charge on the phone, it makes the phone and battery very hot. If it rests on a solid surface, it will heat up as well as cool down quickly on exposure to air. But if it is on a soft surface or under a pillow, it will be very hot and will not get a chance to cool down, which will cause the phone’s heat to cause problems with the display connector’s flex.

Most of us have a habit of charging the phone and leaving it under the pillow. Avoid this practice. It is not right to put the phone under the charging state or in any condition under the pillow. In this the phone is pressed and the phone heats up. If the phone heats up for a long time, it also has a bad effect on the battery. As the phone heats up, the battery of the phone gets damaged quickly.

2. Do not put excessive pressure on the phone.

Although the phone is getting upgraded with the age, the phone is very stable and hardy. However, excessive pressure should not be applied to the phone. Gorilla Victus 2 is given on the display of the phone, so if you think that it can be pressed as you like, you are wrong. It is temporary protection for your phone. Your phone’s glass may have Gorilla Victus Plus but the connector that connects your phone’s display to the motherboard doesn’t have Gorilla Victus Plus. If there is pressure there, the connector may get damaged due to which your phone may get green line. So even if you put the phone in your pocket, keep it carefully so that it doesn’t get too much pressure.

Don't apply pressure on your phone.

3. Update your phone on time

Almost all of you know that most of the users have reported that greenline issue appeared on their phone after updating their phone. But believe me, I have done maximum research and found out that greenline doesn’t come for updating. Instead their phones got greenlined for not updating.

Let me explain, nowadays most of the people are afraid to update the phone because if they update the phone, the green light will come. But these are your misconceptions. Rather, because you didn’t update the phone out of fear Don’t update the phone like this for a long time. As a result, many junk files accumulate on your phone which are not cleared.

For example, Samsung’s mid-range and high-range mobiles provide 5-year security updates. If you do not give these monthly updates every month, then many Janak files will accumulate on your phone. Then when you go to update all these at once, it will put a lot of pressure on your phone’s processor. Same on other phones too. When you go to update after a long time without updating it becomes harmful for the phone. It has a direct effect on your phone’s processor which can cause your phone to greenline. So you should update the phone without delay when the update comes. Because the greenline will come even if you update it, but it will come even if you don’t.

Some Questions and Answers:

Qsn: Will the phone company offer a full free display replacement for greenline issues?

Ans: Yes. If your phone has an official warranty of 1 year, then if the green line issue appears on your phone’s display within 1 year, the company will replace it for free. If the greenline issue is after the warranty expires, different companies will provide service differently. For example, the OnePlus company will replace the display for free for 2 years if your phone has a greenline issue within 2 years. Samsung company gives 10-30% discount to change the display of greenline phones after the warranty expires.

Qsn: My phone has physical damage will I get warranty for greenline?

Ans: No. Any physical or water damage to your phone will void your warranty.

Qsn: If there is a greenline on the phone, can it increase?

Ans: Yes. Most of the time it is seen that if you get a greenline on your phone then within a few days the number will be 2-3. Others may repeat it after a few days.

Qsn: Is there any phone without greenline issue?

Ans: Currently, there are many companies’ phones available in the market. Greenline issue is available in almost all company’s phones. However, if you are looking for a phone that does not have greenline issues, then you can buy a phone with an IPS display instead of the AMOLED/LED display. Because the greenline problem occurs 99% of the time in AMOLED and LED displays. There’s no way to say that iPhones don’t have greenline issues or that Samsung’s flagship phones don’t have greenline issues. All phones have more or less greenline issues.

Qsn: Does Samsung give free screen replacement?

Yes. Samsung provides 1 year warranty for their phones. Samsung will service the phone for free if there is any problem other than physical damage and water damage within this 1 year. Be it the motherboard or the display.

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