How to make high quality backlinks?

How to make high quality backlinks for free?


Backlinks are such an important aspect of SEO without which it becomes very difficult to rank in search engines. In other words, if you want to rank your website in Google or any search engine, you need to backlink your site. But backlinking is not so easy. Also, the backlinks that we make easily are not very useful for our site. Because these are low quality backlinks. For example, we backlink on social sites like Facebook, Medium, Instagram. They are not very useful. So today I will show you how to make high quality backlinks for free?

We need high quality backlinks so that we can rank our site very quickly in search engines. But high quality backlinks are very expensive, we have to buy them. But there are many of us who are just starting blogging and we don’t have that much money to buy backlinks for the site. So I will show you how you can get lots of high quality backlinks for free without spending any money. Be sure to read the entire article because here I am going to tell you a method where you will get 500+ backlinks on an article that costs $100 but is free for you.

What are backlinks?

I’ve been talking about backlinks for a long time, but what exactly is this backlinks? Many may have come to read this article knowing what backlinks are. But for those who don’t know what backlink is, how it works, let me tell you briefly:

If a site’s page or post mentions your site’s link then it is called a backlink. It can be your site home page link or any post link mentioned.

Example: Suppose a site now if I mention it on my site like this then it is backlink from my site for google. Of course, the link should be clickable, it should not be written like a paragraph. That is, here I have given Google a backlink from my site.

How to make high quality backlinks?

You have seen many sites, you have seen many posts where links of some social sites are given talking about high quality backlinks. But today I will show you how to get free backlinks like a pro.

1.Press Release:

Many people may think, press release, many people know about it, what is new here? Yes many may know but may not know about pro quality press release for free. Read this article to know how to get 500+ backlinks from a press release, how to make a press release worth $100 for free.

2. High Quality Websites:

There are some high quality websites that can get backlinks for free. The website links are given below and see how to get backlinks by making an account there.

1. Crunchbase

Be sure to account and backlink here. Because it provides a high quality backlinks.

First, click here to register an account. If you creat account with google or facebook then it will be good for you because you must connect one of your social account.

After creating account go to this page. Then fill up all the information. It is your company that will be shown on Crunchbase.

Create a company, give your company name. Then fill up all the requirements. Then save it. It will be public after some time.

as you see this is my company and here is a backlink.

2. Wiki:

There are many wiki like Wikipedia. But as your new website, you can’t create backlinks directly to wikipedia. But you can create backlink on other wiki. See bellow i will give some wiki links. You can create your business article there as the screenshot bellow. If you want to know how can you create wiki post then told me on the comment box.

Wiki Links:

Just create an account there and post your article by linking your website’s links.

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3. Free Backlinks Website list:

If you want to get some more high quality backlinks, see below some website links are given there, sign up with email and post some articles, along with the article you must give the link of the related article of your website. Then a backlink will be created for your site.

Just click the links provided bellow then click on Submit Story.

Free Backlinks Sites:

you can see there many more websites for post articles. Try to post on all sites.

My Opinion:

The best backlink that I have talked about in this post is the press release. So you must see the post on how to get 500+ backlinks by press release. From press releases you will get backlinks on the web which will increase your site rank very quickly due to backlinks. So don’t delay and try press release for free today.

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