How to prevent greenline issue on your phone?

How to prevent greenline issue on your phone?


Greenline problem has become a common problem nowadays. Almost all AMOLED users are facing this problem. And those who have not yet faced this problem are also afraid. But should everyone really be afraid of it? Not at all. Because the green line comes because of some of our mistakes. Due to mistakes in our phone usage. Read his full article and find out how to prevent greenline issue on your phone?

Which mobile phone brands have greenline issue?

As we have seen, there are no particular brands that have this greenline problem. Almost all brands of phones have more or less greenline issues. However, these greenline problems are mostly in mid-range and high-range flagship phones. Because AMOLED or LED display is used there. This problem does not occur with IPS LCD displays. But many of you know that there are many differences between LCD and AMOLED displays. So flagship phones use AMOLED display. That is, if your phone has an AMOLED display, then you can face this problem, regardless of the brand of the phone, including the iPhone.

How to prevent greenline issue?

We still don’t have a clear idea of ​​why the greenline issue is happening. Phone update is the first cause of greenline problem for us. But this is not correct. The phone update is not directly related to Greenline in any way. Greenline for whatever reason, let’s know how we can avoid it?

If your phone is already having greenline issue then follow this article.

1. Don’t let your phone get too hot.

Almost all the experts think that one of the reasons for the greenline issue on the phone can be the phone overheating. That’s why experts always prefer that our phone should not be kept hot for too long. When charging the phone, it can be very slow because nowadays almost all phones use fast charging system. The main problem with fast charging is that it generates more heat. For this reason, the phone should be kept in a place where the phone can cool down easily. The phone should not be charged under the pillow or on the bed.

2. Keep the phone free of pressure.

Since the greenline is a physical problem. This is not a software issue. So you must take care of all the physical aspects of the phone. Many times we throw the phone on the bed or far away on the sofa. This should not be done as it may damage the phone. Because we think that if you drop it on a soft place like this, the phone will not be damaged. But if you drop it like this, the phone gets jolted which can damage the phone. Maybe you don’t realize that there are many internal parts of the phone that are movable which can cause problems with the phone.

For example phone camera. Nowadays, phones offer large cameras and there are also phones that have optical zoom in their cameras. This means that the camera lens moves. If you repeatedly drop the phone on the bed or sofa like this, then your phone’s camera will slowly get damaged, so be careful now.

Moreover, we put a lot of pressure on the phone. For example, we run, play sports, exercise and do many things when our phone is in our pocket. Amidst these tasks, many times we put pressure on our phones which we don’t notice. Later, because of this, we got greenline on our phone. Many of us have faced this, locked the phone and put it in the pocket, then took it out and turned on the screen then we see that the green line has appeared on your phone. The main reason is that you have put a lot of pressure on the phone without your knowledge.

3. Don’t use the same wallpaper for long time.

This is our common mistake. There are many of us who have never changed our phone wallpaper in our life. The wallpaper that is given when we buy the phone is what we use for our whole life. This is a wrong usage. Every month or after 15 days we should change wallpaper. Because if the same wallpaper is used for a long time, the pixels on the phone’s display will burn. It is not only for the wallpaper, the position of the phone’s alloy display, the pictures cannot be kept the same for a long time. Also, a stable page, i.e. a page in which there is no movement, cannot be kept on display for a long time.

4. Update your phone as soon as possible:

Most of us are afraid to update phones now. This is because we think greenline issue comes on the phone after updating the phone. But according to experts, the green line of the phone is a hardware problem. It is not directly related to the update. So they refer, when the update comes on the phone, it should be updated at the right time. It’s our fault for not updating the phone. If you update the phone, the phone’s junk files are removed, due to which the phone’s RAM is free and the processor is free. The phone does not get too hot. And when we give 2-3 updates at once after not updating for a long time, the phone generates a lot of hits, resulting in greenline problems.

So we should really update the phone to keep the phone junk free.

5. Buy IPS Display phone (exception)

As almost all of us know, AMOLED displays have greenline issues. AMOLED display means LED display including Sony’s OLED and iPhone’s XDR OLED. These are the green line problems coming on the display. So you can go for LCD display instead. You can buy phones with LCD display. It can’t provide very good display fillings or good video output but it can keep you free of greenline worries. So if you are very concerned about the display while buying a phone, then the better option for you is a phone with an LCD display.

My Opinion

I would say, whether the display is LCD or LED, if you use it properly then you will not have any problem with any display. Because I myself have been using Samsung’s S22 Ultra for 2 years. My I did not face any problem on the phone. Don’t worry about the display. Because Samsung’s official warranty is 1 year, which removed my worry of 1 year. Because if there is a greenline problem on the phone within 1 year, the Samsung company will replace it completely free of charge.

Even after this 1 year is over I am confident because Samsung has given their flagship phones a warranty of up to 3 years against greenline issues. That is, if your phone has a greenline problem and it is water damage or there is no physical damage to the phone, then Samsung will replace the display for free, only have to pay the mechanical cost of replacing it. No need to pay for the display. So I can use Samsung’s flagship phone for 3 years safely. After that Samsung sometimes offers for their old phones, they change their old phones too if they have greenline problem. As this offer was till December 2023.

Besides, the OnePlus company has also given a warranty against greenline problems for their phones. Most of the companies are working on Green Line so don’t worry if there is a problem there is also a solution.

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