How to recognize samsung original 25w charger? Clear idea

How to recognize Samsung’s original 25 watt charger (clear idea)


Currently there are many variants of Samsung chargers available in the market. But it is very difficult to understand which of them is real and which is fake. Most of Samsung’s flagship and mid-range phones have 25W charging support. So today I will talk about the 25 watt charger. Let’s find out how to recognize Samsung’s original 25 watt charger.

25w Charger means?

By 25 watt charger we mean a charger that will supply 2.7777 amps at 9 volts to the phone. There are many things written on the charger, many of us understand and many do not understand. If 9v 2.77A is written on Samsung’s 25 watt charger, you will understand that it is a 25 watt charger. Samsung’s 25 watt charger also supports 5v 3A i.e. 15 watts.

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How to recognize samsung original 25w charger?

There are many ways to check whether the charger is original or not. But to be honest, those who make Samsung’s copy charger follow those ways to make the charger so that it is not easy to understand which is the original and which is the knock charger. After that I will discuss today what they cannot copy.

Premium build quality:

The build quality really comes first in determining whether something is genuine or fake. Because of the build quality, the price of the original product is forced to be higher. Example: When you buy a non-branded soap, you will find that the build quality is not that good. Maybe it can only be inside a polybag. But if you buy a branded product, you will find that the soap will be in a plastic bottle and the material of the bottle will be hard/advanced. And there may be another paper packet on top of it. I gave this as an example to understand you. Many such things come next to us.

The build quality of Samsung’s original charger is also very advanced. It will be of hard material that you can feel in your hand. You can test it by pressing hard on the body of the charger. Below are some pictures to see the difference between genuine and fake chargers.

How to recognize samsung 25 watt charger

Print Quality:

Along with the build quality, its print quality should also be of premium level. Its print will not fade. It will be clear and when you see it you will understand that it is not a print that goes up. There are also other pattern printed chargers available which are 3D printed. 3D printing is expensive so of course copy charger companies will not use it. So if the charger has 3D print, you can be sure that it is not a fake charger. 3D print is a print that has something written on it when you touch it. That is, if you close your eyes and just touch the writing, you will understand that there is something written here. Check out the pictures below to identify the 3D printed charger.

3D printing on 25w charger

Serial Number:

When you buy a 25 watt charger, be sure to take out the charger and match the serial number on the charger box with the serial number on the charger. If the serial number matches then follow other identification methods. If everything is fine then the charger is original. Check if there is a manual book in the charger box. Original charger box must have manual book. Don’t think it’s a fake charger if the serial number doesn’t match. But if the serial number does not match, it is better not to take that charger.

Printing Pattern:

It is a theory that when Samsung comes out with chargers it comes out in a pattern and all the chargers have the same print. If you see any charger in the outside pattern then it is fake. As I said earlier this is just a theory. Look at the white color charger below, it is not the same as the picture of the charger I gave earlier. The body shape is same but the printing pattern is different. So does it fake? no This is also the original charger but the printing pattern is different. So it can be said that the print pattern of the charger depends on the build quality of how premium it is and whether it is original.

Original samsung 25w charger

Also I have done a lot of research to see if Samsung has actually officially stated that they only manufacture chargers in one printing pattern at a time/year. I have not seen any such official announcement. Rather, if you go to their website, you can see chargers of different patterns in different places. So it is pretty sure that Samsung can come out with many pattern A chargers in a year. And the Samsung charger that they released in the previous year was not original? That you will not take it this year? And will Samsung want to recycle their chargers after the previous year in the new pattern?

Where to buy Samsung original 25w charger?

If you can’t recognize the original fake or don’t want to buy it with so much consideration then buy the charger from a store that you trust. I would recommend you to buy the charger from any major Samsung showroom. They will give you original charger. Because if the phone you are using is charged with the wrong charger and fake charger, then its battery will get damaged quickly and it can also affect its processor. So definitely charge the phone using the original charger. I will also recommend you to buy a 25 watt charger from Samsung’s recommended official site Excel. Then you will get the original charger without any worry, without any hassle.

My Opinion

These days everything is fake. From phones to chargers, fakes are being taken out. In this era of fake products, it is very difficult to recognize the original product. Even if you find your charger is 3D printed, it might be fake. Or if you find that the serial number of your charger does not match the serial number of the box then the charger may be genuine. Because many times old model chargers don’t have boxes, so the company is forced to put the chargers in other boxes. Think for yourself, can’t the fake product company put a serial number sticker on the box matching the serial number written on the charger?

So I will personally recommend you. Where the build quality is discussed above, the original charger is shown in black color. If you find a charger that is 100% similar to that charger and the serial number written on the box matches the charger, then take it. I am not saying that all other chargers are fake. But it will definitely be an original charger, so if you go to buy a charger and get such a charger, take it without worry because it is an original charger.

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