Are you in depression

How to understand that you are in depression?


We do a lot of work every day. Many times we worry about many things. About our work or family matters. We all worry in one way or another, once we get depressed, it is very difficult to get rid of it. How can you understand that you are in depression? And let’s know what causes it and why?

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Mental illness is just a burden:

There will be changes in your body that easily confirm that you have a mental illness. Maybe we suffer or are affected by mental illness in some way, whether it is anxiety related to family events or the silent killer that is depression!
Everyone wants to live a tidy life. We all wish to be healthy, have a good and peaceful life.


We are influenced by the people around us in different ways, there are a lot of people who say something without thinking, do we correct what we hurt by speaking forcefully? Today I see a time when the fear and shame of many people disappeared.
Allah has given you a beautiful face, thank you Allah Almighty. By not doing so, you are showing arrogance towards people. Not only beautiful but also beautiful soul, take care of your face.
I say these words because of an unnatural mental problem, maybe hurt by someone else’s words, maybe hurt by family quarrels, maybe also due to deep depression do not see ‘pay dearly’.

Depression Status

Family and other problems:

That’s why I said the words, many of our family events affect us in many ways, from there depression can be created.  After giving our best love to our beloved person, suddenly when that person cheats us and goes away, the grief becomes unbearable, a thousand kinds of chaos are created in the mind, many people decide to leave the world without being able to deal with it.

Value of life:

We must remember that life once lost will not return, but if a loved one disappears from life, that person will be found later. In short, if I lose one, I get another.

Always remember one thing, people will use you according to their needs. Being loved by someone is a very difficult thing. Family too, it’s okay to just go to work, otherwise unjustified violence + likely kicking, spitting.When your family turns their back on you, you will realize how dark the world is, the way to life will close.


Physical and mental changes:

  1. You have to live in extreme anxiety, unreasonable thoughts appear in your head.
  2. Stay distracted and sit in a corner, spending time alone.
  3. People gossip and get hurt.
  4. Feeling inferior, it’s like you have no one in the world, Allah is not even helping you,
  5. The taste of food will completely disappear. So you won’t want to eat anything, you will fill your stomach with nothing but water throughout the day. Again, you will often find that the taste of the food has increased so much that you will continue to eat.
  6. Not sleeping on time, sleeping 10-12 hours, is harmful to the body.
  7. Body weight will continue to decrease very quickly, becoming thinner and thinner.
  8. You won’t feel good, you won’t have any fun even if you go to a wedding or a social event, or if you go somewhere.
  9. He will pray for his own death.
    It is not impossible to get rid of this mental disorder, and return to normal life. But it’s only a matter of time. But try to go and eat on time, eat outdoors in the afternoon to keep your mind awake.

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