how to use routine on any phone

How to use Routine in any phone?


Having a life routine is very necessary for all of us nowadays. Because today we are more irregular than in the past. Now we have many modern devices. Now we don’t have to stay in the dark at night we have artificial light. Also we have many modern devices with which we have improved ourselves a lot. But as much as we have improved, we have also deteriorated towards life. There is no such thing as discipline in our life now, we are doing whatever our heart desires. We need to have a routine in life to run our life smoothly. And when our essential device “mobile phone” allows us to set the life routine then why don’t we use it?

It is possible to set routine in all phones but some phones give it as an inbuilt settings option like Samsung has given modes and routines option in their settings, if you don’t know how to set routine in Samsung then read this article. Now we will know, how to set the routine in all those mobile phones that do not have the setting option for in-build routine.

The benefits of routine

In this chaotic life we ​​all need a proper routine. Why did I say random life! Because most of the 20-25 year old people are depressed with random life. It starts at 16 years for some and ends at 30 years for some. To fix this random life we ​​must follow a proper routine. Read this article to know how to make the right routine. If we follow the routine all our work will be done properly and at the right time.

By not following a routine, we keep doing a thing until we feel like we shouldn’t be doing it now. Our sleep is not done properly. Some people sleep for 10 hours and many do not even sleep for 4 hours. Irregularity like this has a bad effect on our health. Besides, many people do not eat food on time, and many people play games on mobile phones for a long time. There are many things that are done haphazardly because we don’t have a proper routine. If we have a routine, all our work will be done well on time.

How to use Routine?

There is many apps by using these you can use Routine on your phone. I will talk about one most popular app called Habit Now. It is just 5MB on playstore. Lets know step by step how can you set routine in this app.

Step 1: Download and Open the Habit Now apk. You will see a page like this.

Step 2: Click on Next or Skip. I will click skip. After clicking skip, you will see a page like this:

Step 3: You can create for only today or for ever routine here. I will tech you how can you make your everyday routine. So lets click on Habits option.

Step 4: Now click on (+) icon then click Habit. You will see options like this:

Step 5: I will start with routine for my proper sleep. So now i will creat a new category. Click on Create Category option. Then fill up all the options like this:

Step 6: After filled up all. Click Create Category. You will see a page like this. Go to every option and choose what you want to set. Now follow my settings here, what will i set.

Step 7: i want to click Yes or No when i will go to sleep so i’m clicking 1st option “With a Yes or No”.

Step 8: I set reminder as “It is time to sleep” this text will show me at 11pm everyday. Click next.

Step 9: You need this routine for everyday so click everyday. If you need some routine for specific day then set your day as your own need. Then click next

Step 10: click on “Time and Reminders” to set alarm or notification for your sleeping time. I dont need alarm so i will set notification.

Step 11: then click confirm and then save. You can set your priyority level there. Your sleeping routine created successfully.

You can create more habit like this. Or you can also set some tasks. You can set by your own. I show you the basic all so you can create your own.

My Opinion:

I have completely shown you through this article how you can create your complete daily routine on any phone yourself. Routine is very important for you so don’t neglect it. Many people want to create a routine but cannot create it due to lack of proper guide. Here is a very simple screenshot showing how you can create your desired routine within an app. So without delay create a routine for your life today and try to follow it.

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