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How to use Samsung Modes and Routines in One UI 6


Samsung has been providing routine options in their phones since One UI 4. Many of us know about it and many of us don’t. Many people do not know how to use it. But nowadays routine is very important option. We can use it in many ways. We all should follow a routine in life. In this, both our physical and mental health will be good. Read this article to learn how to create a life routine and what it will do for you. Let’s see how to use Samsung Modes and Routines in One UI 6.

What is Samsung Modes and Routines?

Modes and routines are an inbuilt option in Samsung phones. You will find it in the settings of almost all midrange and flagship phones of Samsung. Follow the screenshot below, this is Samsung’s modes and routines.

What is the function of modes and routines?

Modes and Routines is a very important and necessary setting for us nowadays. Nowadays everyone has a mobile phone in their hand and we are so intertwined with mobile that we don’t spend a single moment without it. Excessive mobile usage disrupts our work. What we do in our normal life, we forget to do those things due to using mobile for long time. To eliminate this problem of excessive mobile usage, many phones have provided the routine option within their phones. So that you can use your mobile according to a routine. It enhances your user experience. When you sleep, when you drive, when you eat, when you play games, you can set all these routines on your Samsung mobile. Then your phone will remind you of your work from time to time.

If you dont know about your daily routine then read this to know about everything you need to know about your daily routine.

How to use Samsung Modes and Routines

Samsung Mods and Routines is very easy to use. You can use it very easily if you follow the steps below.

Step 1: open settings on samsung phone you will see there was an option Modes and Routines click there.

Step 2: There is some preset for modes. You can chose any option you want to set. Or you can add an option for your custom routines by clicking Add mode.

I am setting a mood to teach you.

Step 3: Click on any preset or Add mode option. I’m clicking Sleep because i want to set sleep routine. Then click Start, you will see some options there. Set all option as you need. I set sleeping time from 11pm to 7am because i will sleep this time. You can set as you wish. Then click next.

Step 4: i need do not disturb so i set it. You can set your contact who can call and messege you even when do not disturb mode is on. After set all click next.

Step 5: you can see here some additional options you can set what you want. Then click Done.

You can set many more conditions for your routine as you want. Check all the options there.

Benefit of using Modes and Routines:

Routine is a very important option nowadays. And you can set many things in the routine options that Samsung has given to their phones. And since it is inbuilt in the phone, it will work perfectly. When using the app, many options do not work at times. Here you can set routines that will help you use the phone in one way at a time. Like you can set the game mode if you want. This mode will automatically turn on when you open the game. In this mode you can set the condition that your phone will run in performance mode if you are in the game, it will run continuously at 60 fps, all other apps will be closed except the game, you can add many other conditions.

If you want, you can turn on the charging mode here, when the phone is charging, the phone’s notifications will tell you. You can set one wallpaper at a time according to your routine. There are many more features here.

My Opinion

We all should have routine in life. Excessive phone use is harmful to the body. And when you have in-phone options to control your phone usage, why not use it properly? So definitely set the routine according to your work and sleep on the phone and add conditions according to your needs. It is very well designed in Samsung phones and many presets are provided which we need more, set them according to our time and condition.

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