ICC World Cup 2023 audience

ICC World Cup 2023: India overtakes England in attendance.


BCCI has been under criticism since the beginning of the World Cup for the lack of spectators in the field. Although there is a huge demand for online tickets, it is not affecting the matches other than the Indian team’s game. India has already broken the previous records even though the number of spectators for World Cup matches is low. Even outside the field, the current World Cup has already created several precedents.

BCCI responded to the criticism by using statistics as a tool. According to various sources, India has already surpassed England in the number of spectators in the field. In 2019, the World Cup in England had a total attendance of 1,90,000. And in the middle of the current World Cup, the number of viewers is 5,42,000. Meaning the statistics will not fill the entire gallery per match but will give relief to the BCCI officials.

Not only this, a record number of viewers have watched the World Cup on TV so far. BCCI Secretary Jai Shah highlighted that figure.

On social media, he wrote, ‘The first 18 matches of the ongoing World Cup were watched by a total of 36.42 crore viewers on television, which is a new record for the Cricket World Cup. 43% increase in TV viewership. This statistic tells how popular the World Cup has become this time. Indian fans have shown their strength.’

Not only TV but also OTT has set a record. The match between India and New Zealand on October 22 also created history. In that match also the record amount of viewership is through OTT. But Virat Kohli made the final record when he came out to bat. At that time the number of viewers was 4 crores. The highest viewership in the India Pakistan match was 3.5 crores. In other words, this match has broken all previous records in terms of viewership of Hotstar.

On October 14, the World Cup match between India and Pakistan in Ahmedabad had a viewership of 3 crore 10 lakhs on the Hotstar platform. But there was no such viewership in any match outside the Indian team. What happened in that match.

At the same time, the digital revolution also happened. Everything is now digital in the age of mobile phones. The World Cup is no exception. This year’s World Cup has revolutionized digital media in the middle.

The ICC video viewership of the World Cup so far has reached 6.7 billion (314% increase). 43 million people (which is a 30% increase) have gathered information or news about the World Cup from the ICC website. So far, 60 thousand people have been engaged in some way with each post on the social site.

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