Lumiere" Google’s New Artificial Intelligence

“Lumiere” Google’s New Artificial Intelligence.


A company known as a tech giant, Google. In 1995, Larry Page and Serge Bean started their journey. Although its journey started with search engines, its new products have come out one by one. Services like Gmail, Google Map, Pixel have taken this company to a unique height. In today’s era, we cannot go a day without the use of Google. Almost all the free applications that are provided on our phones are from Google. This is a new artificial intelligence Lumiere coming from Google. Let’s know about Google’s new artificial intelligence “Lumiere”.

A current hot topic in technology is artificial intelligence. An unwritten competitor of AI has started all over the world. Chatgpt, Microsoft’s co-pilot, etc. Artificial intelligence is coming and shaking the whole world.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the traditional way of working has also changed drastically. Those who are proficient in AI are seeing a huge growth in productivity. Humans are using ai in addition to their talents.

Undoubtedly, in the coming days, ai will be improved a lot more. In this era of AI, Google has brought their new text to video ai which is named “Lumiere”.

Artificial Intelligence Lumiere Features:

Lumiere is Google’s new artificial intelligence that is still in development. It is not yet open to general public. Let’s see some amazing facts and features of this artificial intelligence.

  • This artificial intelligence has been trained on about 30 million videos along with their captions.
  • Lumiere can generate around 80 frames of video at 16fps.
  • It is basically text to video generator AI. User can type prompt with natural language.
  • One of its features is photo to video generator. With this feature, users can convert still images into motion pictures.
  • It has video editing facilities. By this, users can edit their videos by typing specific prompts in their videos. If there is a model in the video, then there is a feature to change the color of her clothes.
  • Users can create style animations here. That is, running, jumping etc. animation can be used in the picture.
  • Cinemagraph can be created here. Cinemagraph is a combination of steel image and video. Where one part of the frame is fixed while the rest can be shown running.
  • It is AI built with emphasis on content creation. It has the facility to create 3d videos for marketing and e-commerce.

How to use Lumiere AI?

As I said before it is still in development so we common people can’t use it yet if we want to. So wait until the day Google makes the new AI usable for everyone. Google has not yet said when they will launch it for everyone. But hopefully we will be able to use it very soon. Since it is coming from Google, it is expected that there will be some tools that are free and also you may have to pay to use some tools. It will be known only after the full release of Lumiere.

Lets took a look in Google Lumiere Github.

My Opinion

Are you looking for AI? One of the current AI is ChatGPT. With chatgpt 4 you can make videos, animations, but you have to pay a lot of money for that. But hopefully Google’s Lumiere AI will solve your problem. Google always gives us the best service so there is no doubt that Lumiere AI will not give the best service. So those who want to use artificial intelligence for business or content creation, animation making and other tasks, wait until they come to Lumiere. Maybe it will take your work a step further.

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