New bangladeshi viral girl neha

New Viral Bangladeshi Girl Neha. Why She is Viral?


Nowadays most people like to make themselves viral through social media. For this reason, people are using different media including dance and music. If you can be viral, who does not want to be a celebrity? Almost everyone wants to be a celebrity these days, and it has become much easier because of social media. The person I am going to talk about today is Neha Akhter. She exposed herself to people through Instagram. Let’s know the details, about new viral Bangladeshi girl Neha and why she is viral?

Name:Neha Akter
Age:17 (in 2024)
Address:Comilla, Bangladesh

Who is new viral Bangladeshi girl Neha?

Neha Akhter is a school going Bangladeshi girl. She is currently a class 10 student. Her home is in Comilla, Bangladesh. She has been posting a lot on Instagram since 2022. At the end of 2022, her Instagram ID was hacked due to which she was not much known. But in 2023, she opened her Instagram account again and her followers started increasing day by day. She is the only girl in the family. Neha does not consider herself a celebrity. She thinks she is a normal school going girl like all other normal girls.

Some Pictures of Neha Akter:

Why Neha Akter was viral?

Neha Akhter wanted to be an actor in Bangladesh since childhood. But can everyone be an actor? For this she needed to first create a fan base of her own. That’s why she created a huge fan base by showcasing her talent on Instagram. Neha Akhtar’s main aim was to attract the attention of the directors.

She gained some fame on Instagram as well as Facebook and TikTok Currently, all her accounts are deactivated for her privacy, so no social ID link will be provided here. But maybe in the future she will return to her fan base. Her goal was to become an actor but she still could not fulfill that dream. So she is trying to attract the attention of producers and directors in different ways.

How Neha Akter was viral?

Neha Akhtar’s online journey started with Facebook. At first she was not known to many people. But when she shared his dream of becoming an actor to her Facebook friends, those friends suggested her to create a fan base on Instagram. Based on that, Neha decided to create a fan base on Instagram. Then slowly as the days went by, Neha’s fan base started to grow However, in late 2022, Nehar’s first Insta ID was hacked. After that she continued his journey. Open a new ID and create a fan base again. In a very short time, she developed a huge fan base.

Although Neha has developed a huge fan base, she has yet to officially become a celebrity. And a few days ago she closed all her social media accounts due to her privacy. Her dream of making a fan badge was not fulfilled but she had to be humiliated in another way. It is very sad that something bad happens to those who want to get into the actor line.

But Neha’s fans hope that she will recover herself very soon and will be back among the fans again.

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