Pakistani muslim Mohammad Qasim is really Imam Mahdi?

Pakistani muslim Mohammad Qasim is really Imam Mahdi?


Recently there was a servant of Allah in Pakistan, a Muslim man, whose name is Mohammad Qasim. Everyone thinks he is Imam Mahdi. Many people are following him. Lets know is he really Imam Mahdi?

Ways to know Imam Mahdi (signs)

A sign, the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, his nose will be long and his forehead will be bright and wide. Will be very handsome and will have no hair on the front of the forehead. Rasul SAW has told these signs. He will come from the east of Madinah and take refuge in Makkah. Rukne Yamani and the people of Makkam Ibrahim will recognize him and take bayat from him. When this news gets around, troops will be sent from Syria. When they come between Makkah and Madinah, Allah will crush them to the ground. But one of the doomed will survive to spread the news to everyone.

Is Mohammad Qasim really Imam Mahdi?

We have learned how to recognize Imam Mahdi. First we can see if he claims himself as Imam Mahdi. If he claims then surely he is not Imam Mahdi. But what is known so far from social media is that he is saying that he does not claim to be Imam Mahdi. However, if considered with proper intelligence, it will be seen that all Muslims know that the real Imam Mahdi will never claim himself as Imam Mahdi. That’s why even if he is a hypocrite, he will not claim himself as Imam Mahdi if he has a brain in his head. Because he knows that if he claims then everyone will easily understand that he is not Imam Mahdi. Many people have claimed this before. So it cannot be said that he is Imam Mahdi based on the fact that he did not claim to be Imam Mahdi.

Mohammad Qasim is really imam mahdi?

I am not saying that he is not Imam Mahdi. May be the real Imam Mahdi. But sometimes many people claim or we think it is Imam Mahdi. It could be a trick. We must avoid this temptation. Bait cannot be taken by mistaking the wrong person as Imam Mahdi. First you need to know correctly. So how do we know whether Muhammad Qasim is Imam Mahdi?

Where Imam Mahdi will be recognized?

Rasulullah (SAW) said that some believers will recognize Imam Mahdi in a place between Makkah and Madinah. And they will say you are Imam Mahdi. Even then, Imam Mahdi did not call himself Imam Mahdi. He will agree to give bayat to everyone after much coercion. From here we understand that Imam Mahdi will be known by everyone from the place between Makkah and Madinah. Not from Pakistan. And Mohammad Qasim is called Imam Mahdi from Pakistan. So it is more likely that he is not the real Imam Mahdi. There are some other reasons such as Imam Mahdi will be a descendant of Rasool SAW.

There are some other signs that come in the hadith. They may not be completely compatible with him. May meet in the future, may not meet. It seems that it would be better not to think of him as Imam Mahdi until such time.

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