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Samsung Galaxy One UI 6.0 Features.


This year, Samsung brought their best UI 6.0 based on Android 14. Samsung will provide this update in many of their devices. But currently, Samsung has given this update only to the Galaxy S23 Ultra. A few days ago we were hearing about what Samsung will put in its One UI 6.0, but now that we have the One UI 6.0 on a physical device, let’s take a look at its features.

New Widgets for one UI 6.0:

Samsung has brought many changes to the widgets in its One UI 6.0. Compared to the One UI 5.0, the current One UI 6.0 can hold widgets with more details. Like here it will show its animation according to different weather.

The best useful widgets here are the camera widgets. One UI 6.0 lets you have separate widgets for different camera modes. As in computer, everything can be pinned on the desktop, where the thing will be opened by clicking on it, that system is also provided here. If you set the front camera to widgets, then clicking there will always open the front camera. Or if you set the pro mode or night mode or video mode of the front or back camera, then clicking there will open that mode.

New Widgets for one UI 6.0

Visual Changes in One UI 6.0:

One UI 6.0 has a lot of visual changes that are completely different from One UI 5.0. Here quick settings are completely changed to give a perfect look. Many may like it and many may think it is a copy of iOS. Here WiFi and Bluetooth are kept separately and the rest of the functions are kept separately. Here the brightness options and brightness-related options like eye comfort and dark mode are kept separately. You can understand by looking at the picture below. If you turn on Airplane Mode and then turn on Bluetooth, Bluetooth will not be turned off even if you turn Airplane Mode on later.

Visual Changes in One UI 6.0
quick settings

This UI is provided with modern font which looks very nice. Some changes have been made in the phone settings. The profile picture of the Samsung account will now appear slightly larger. There is a dedicated option for battery in settings. One UI 6.0’s keyboard has been updated with emojis, some new emojis have been added.

Lockscreen Customization:

While the lock screen was very customizable in One UI 5.0, it is much better in One UI 6.0. On One UI 5.0, the clock could be resized but not moved anywhere. In One UI 6.0, you can move the clock wherever you want. Also some font styles have been added for the clock.

Camera Features:

Many features have been added to the camera in One UI 6.0. The camera has been made more user friendly. Here you can set the camera to how many mega pixels you want. For example, in the Galaxy S23 Ultra, if you want to set it to 12 or 50 or 200 megapixels, then you will have the option to set it in front of your hand.

Here is the newly added Advanced Intelligence Options page, which has 3 different picture quality options. Maximum option will be the best option for picture quality. But if set to maximum, your picture will take a little longer to process. Here Auto FPS option is given for video. One UI 5.0 also has this auto fps option but in 6.0 some more options have been added to it, like you can keep it at 30 fps maximum or anywhere from 30-60 fps. Here you can change the watermark to different styles.

Some options have also been added to the Gallery of One UI 6.0. Like here you can now add portrait effect to any picture. In One UI 5.0, you could only remaster any picture, but now you can add portrait effects and edits to any photo. If you want, you can copy the effect of one photo and give it to another photo. A lot of editing options have been added here.

Privacy and Security:

One UI 6.0 brings better security. Auto block option has been added here. If you keep this option on, your phone will automatically block any app that steals your privacy if you install it on your phone. Or any wrong command through USB will automatically block by your phone.

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