Tips for long lasting makeup

Some great hacks and tips for long lasting makeup in summer.


Almost all of us love makeup. If you go out, you can’t help but wear kajal or eyeliner and a little lipstick on your lips, right? But are you comfortable with makeup in the summer? ARE NOT! If you wear makeup, your face sweats a lot and so the makeup doesn’t last long.I have heard such complaints from many people. Even if you wear very light makeup in the summer, the makeup will be damaged by sweating. Especially the part under the eyes, the sides of the nose, the upper lip, the lower lip and the forehead look like ! Fixing this problem takes a little more care and some makeup tricks. So now know some effective tips for long lasting makeup in summer. You can also read perfect makeup tips here.

Ways to keep makeup on without using foundation– tips for long lasting makeup:

Natural or light makeup The first requirement for beige color is to use a light foundation that matches your skin tone. But if you can use powder or compact powder instead of foundation when going to the office, college, or summer outing, your face will sweat much less. But there are spots on our skin that can’t just be covered with powder. If there are dark circles, spots and pigmentation, these areas should be fixed with concealer and then applied with a beige powder. But if you follow some tips before applying beige, the makeup will be perfect and long lasting.

Skin preparation before beige makeup:

  1. Wash your face well with face wash or cleanser and rub a little bit of ice cube (ice) all over your face. It is best to take an ice cube in a thin cloth and then rub it on the face, it will not feel harshness on the face. Now let’s talk about the beauty benefits of ice cubes. Many people experience redness or irritation or other problems due to sensitivity. If you rub ice cubes on your face, the problem of redness won’t happen! In addition, there is another reason why ice massage is so effective, that is when ice cubes are applied to the face, the pores on the skin are minimized, so the skin is not easily greasy. Makeup looks perfect when pore visibility is low.As a result, if you rub stones before applying makeup in the summer, the oiliness of the skin will be controlled and the makeup will last longer.
  2. After rubbing ice cubes and applying rose water or moisturizing toner to the face for a while, the skin will be kept moisturized for a long time.
  3. Then apply moisturizer according to skin type. And then beige skin is perfect for makeup.
  4. Sunscreen should be used during the day. After basic treatment, apply sunscreen according to your skin type to protect skin. Lightweight, provides a matte finish, and absorbs quickly, sunscreen is the best choice when used in warm weather.

Makeup beige with compact powder:

Once skin is prepped, cover spots and dark circles with a skin-tone concealer. Then apply face powder or compact powder depending on skin tone. If it is oily skin, it is necessary to sprinkle the powder evenly in the T-zone of the face. It will control excess sebum production on the face. This is a very important makeup step for oily skin.That’s it! Beige is ready. Gentle, this beige makeup will keep perfect makeup for a long time in summer.

Tips for long lasting makeup

Eye makeup in summer:

Eye makeup is an important part of your beauty. The eye makeup largely depends on the execution of the overall makeup. But the easier summer eye makeup can be, the better. Eyeliner or kajal with mascara can be essential eye makeup must-haves for a simple eye makeup look. Your eye makeup will last if you follow a few good tricks. Let’s get to some tips for long lasting makeup:

  • If you use eyebrow pomade or eyebrow gel to paint your eyebrows, they won’t get dirty as easily. So sweating in hot weather is no problem.
  • There is a possibility of kajal spreading in the eye. You can choose waterproof and sweatproof kajal, just cover some powder under your eyes with kajal, it will fix for a long time, not spreading. You can use waterproof eyeliner instead of kajal.
  • A little powder on the eyelashes before applying mascara and after applying mascara, the eyelashes will be very beautiful and not easy to smudge due to heat.

Prevents lipstick from spreading:

In the summer, many people see lipstick spreading, the lipstick slowly rises when sweating around the lips. So how to keep lipstick long lasting? That’s what you think, isn’t it? If you follow some tricks, lipstick can be used properly even in summer.

  • 1-2 days a week, mix honey, sugar and lemon juice and then exfoliate your lips. Lips will be smooth and soft. As a result, the lipstick will sit properly on the lips and not crack.
  • After using a tissue to dab the lipstick on the lips and using a brush to lightly apply some powder to the lips, the lipstick is not sticky, the lips are matte and not smudged, not smudged.
Long lasting makeup tips

Finally, setting spray to fix the makeup – tips for long lasting makeup:

When we go out with makeup, everything we put on our face just doesn’t seem right! To prevent this makeup from separating, if sprayed evenly all over the face, the makeup will stay for 5-6 hours. If you accidentally spray the setting in the summer, it won’t work!

Finally, I want to say one thing, the finer the skin barrier, the more perfect the makeup. This means that if your skin is white then the makeup will hold well.So follow a basic skin care routine, take care of your skin. And drink enough water in the summer. Then the body and skin will always be hydrated. In addition, people with dehydrated skin in the summer, they will feel cool if they apply moisturizing mist or spray rose on the skin after a while.

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