Submit high quality Press Release distribution for free (100$ worth)


Many of us know that press releases generate a lot of high quality backlinks. But we think press release has to spend money. Actually press releases cost a lot of money. But if you do the method I’m going to show you today, you will be able to do press releases on almost 500+ sites for free. Let’s see how to submit high quality Press Release distribution for free.

What is Press Release?

Press release means a written statement issued to the media to announce news, events, or updates about a company, organization, or individual. It’s a way to share information with journalists and the public to generate news coverage and raise awareness.

Besides, the meaning of press release is different for each category of people. For example, press releases are one of the ways for bloggers to get backlinks to their website. Also, those who do press releases for events, do so to promote their products.

How to submit Press Release distribution for free:

Today I am not one. Let me tell you about some free press release websites where you can get press release completely free. The price of the first press release is $100, which you will get for free if you read the entire article.

1. EIN Presswire

EIN Presswire is one of the most popular press release site.

A press release here costs about $100. There is no free package here. Packages start from Basic. The basic package costs $99.95. In the Basic package you can submit only one press release. But there is no reason to worry. Today I am giving you this $99.95 press release completely free.

Do you understand the meaning of a press release price of $99.95 here? Here you are guaranteed to get a press release on not 1-2 webs, but entire 500+ webs. Press release here will also go to Google News. And you know how many visitors come from Google News. This is how many visitors will see your press release. From here you can see which web will publish your news. Click here to see all the sites where news from my site is published. Please check.

How to submit free press release on EIN Presswire?

Click on this link first to submit a press release for free. By visiting this link you will get a free submission worth $99.95. If you click on the link, you will see something like this.

Click on Get Started for Free.

Then create an account. I prefer to use your domain email (like my domain email is to create an account. It will give you more benefit to approve press release.

Then confirm your email from your email inbox. If you didn’t find any mail on you primary inbox then check your spam folder.

After verifying your account. Click here to get one free press release. You may see a page like this:

Click to account information.

Fill up all the information requared. Please fill up the real information for address and name. If you do not fill up with real information, your press release may not be approved. So be carefull when you fill up this form.

After filled up all the information. Click Save Changes. Then click on My Press Release.

Then Click to Get a free introductory press release.

Check. Now you have one press release with pro+ features.

Now click on Send New Press Release. Then give your release title, sub titile and all the requirements. Keep in mind. You should be a professional press releaser or you can write your press release by one who is well know about how to right press release. Because if you write a copyrighted article or low value article. Your press release will not be approved. You can follow my this article to know how to create a professional press release by Chat GPT AI. If you follow this article, you can generate your press release by Chat GPT.

2. Issue Wire Press Release

Issue Wire is a free press release website. You can submit one free press release by issuewire.

To submit Click here and create an account by fill up all the required information.

After completing all the process of creating an account you will see a dashboard. If you dont see dashboard then click here. You will see a page like this:

Click Press Release. Then add a press release. If you dont know how to write a press release then follow my this article.

Free Press Release sites:

On these site’s, you can release unlimited press. Just create an account on these sites and release your news.

If you can’t understand how to submit press release on these site please free to comment. I will try to explain all the web separately with a new article.

My Opinion:

I’ve tried to explain as well as possible how you can get a free $99.95 press release on EIN Presswire. The main purpose of this post was to explain that press release well and I have done that and the other sites that I have linked to for the press release are not so necessary and they do not give good backlinks. So you should try to focus well on EIN Presswire.

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