Sulfur found on the moon

Sulfur found on the moon! There is also oxygen and titanium.


Sulfur is a non-metal, tasteless, odorless and highly versatile. It occurs in nature as sulfide or sulfate minerals. It helps in plant growth. Sulfur is an amino acid, which is an important component of human diet. Basically, sulfur does not directly benefit humans, but indirectly it is a very important element for the environment. Because it is very important for plants. Due to lack of it many types of diseases are born in the tree. Therefore, it may be possible to sustain life where sulfur is available. Because we know that plants produce oxygen and every animal including humans needs oxygen. If trees can be sustained on a planet then life can also be sustained. Researchers found sulfur on the moon.

Sulfur is usually formed by volcanic eruptions. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have discovered that the presence of sulfur may confirm the existence of life beyond Earth.


How do we know there is sulfur in the moon?

We all know that Chandrayaan-3 Mission was released on 14 July 2023. It landed on the moon on 23 August 2023. After the failed Chandrayaan-2 mission four years ago, ISRO decided to launch a second attempt. That second attempt is the Chandrayaan-3 mission.

After landing on the moon, this rover sent back a lot of data from the south side of the moon. From there it was found that there is sulfur in the moon. Not only sulphur, but also oxygen and titanium have been found in the mood. There are also some other gases. After that, a separate part of the main Chandrayaan-3 has also found sulfur in another place and sent the information to the Indian agency ISRO.


Sulfur’s role in sustaining life

Sulfur has virtually no role in sustaining life in humans or other animals. But because of which all other animals including humans survive, because of which the balance of our earth survives, that is the tree. And sulfur is a very important element for the tree. Sulfur is very important for plant growth. Sulfur increases soil fertility. Researchers use sulfur to make plants grow faster. Sulfur is used to make car batteries. is also used in the manufacture of beeching, paper, cement, detergents. Sulfur is a very important element for us that must be present in the environment.

Finding sulfur on the moon is a big discovery. Because the world’s weather is getting worse. Here the amount of greenhouse gas is increasing very fast. Earth’s temperature is also increasing rapidly. Scientists believe that one day this world will no longer be suitable for human habitation. And that time is very near. So scientists are always trying to find out how to find another planet or is there any other planet where it is possible to sustain the existence of life. For this reason, if any planet has gaseous material like Earth, it is given a lot of priority. As we know water is present on Mars. There is water which means there is oxygen. So it might be possible to sustain life there.

The discoveries of scientists always bring good news for us. Wait to know what more information Chandrayaan-3 is giving and keep an eye on Virul News.

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