Sultan Ibrahim is the next king of Malaysia

Sultan Ibrahim is the next king of Malaysia


The next king of Malaysia is Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar of the southern kingdom of Johor. The royal families of the country elected him as the next king.

In Malaysia, the king plays a largely ceremonial role, but the monarchy’s influence has been growing recently due to the country’s long history of political unrest. The ruling monarch is being induced to exercise his discretionary power. The use of such power by the king is rare in the country.

Malaysia is a parliamentary democracy in Southeast Asia. The king is the head of state of the country. The country has nine royal families. The heads of these families are elected as kings of the country for five-year terms.  

In a statement on Friday, the keeper of the seal of the country’s rulers said that Sultan Ibrahim will succeed the current King Al Sultan Abdullah on January 31 next year.

Sultan Ibrahim is not like other traditional rulers of Malaysia. He openly expressed his views on politics. He also said that he has a good relationship with the current Prime Minister of the country, Anwar Ibrahim.

Sultan Ibrahim has business interests ranging from real estate to mining. He has many luxury cars and motorcycles in his collection.

The current King Al Sultan has played an unusually active role in Malaysian politics. He chose the last three prime ministers of the country.

Malaysia’s federal constitution gives the king few discretionary powers. The King basically has to follow the advice of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.

In Malaysia, the Prime Minister is chosen through elections. But the King has the power to choose someone who has a majority in Parliament as Prime Minister. But this power was never used before 2020.

The country was ruled by the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) since independence until 2018. But after the party was defeated in the elections that year, political unrest began in Malaysia. When this unrest began to be prolonged, Raja Al Sultan began to use this power.

The king also has the power to pardon convicted persons. Al Sultan’s predecessor, Sultan Muhammad V, pardoned Anwar Ibrahim, who was convicted of homosexuality and corruption. However, Anwar claims that the charges brought against him are motivated by political motives.

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has been serving a prison sentence since last year after being convicted of corruption related to the state fund OneMDB scandal. He applied for a royal pardon to commute his sentence. It is believed that the new king, Sultan Ibrahim Najib, may review Najib’s application after assuming power. 

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