The fastest and easiest natural way to get glass skin like korean

The fastest and easiest natural way to get glass skin like korean


First of all, the method I am going to share today will work 100% for both men’s skin and women’s skin. So no matter whatever you are, follow this method to get beautiful glass skin. I will talk about a very simple and natural method. And you will see the result in just 7 days. By following this, you will get glass skin like Koreans and those who have pimples and scars on their face will also get their solution by following this method. So let’s find out the fastest and easiest natural way to get glass skin like korean.

What is Glass Skin?

Glass skin means skin that has a glassy sheen. That is, usually there are no lumps or pimples in the mouth. Can have acne. But the skin will look like glass. Human facial skin is very sensitive. Sunlight, dust causes a lot of damage to the skin. That’s why you will see that children’s faces are much fresher because their skin is less exposed to dust and sun. Take a look at a picture below, then you will understand what kind of skin is meant by glass skin.

This is called glass skin. There is a acne but the skin is bright and glossy.

How to get glass skin?

Want to get glass skin like the Koreans? Yes, if you want, it is possible to glass skin like the Koreans. But you don’t have to spend a day in a month or a week for this. Give time to your skin every moment of every day. How is it? Yes, that’s what I’ll say. Continue reading the full article.

Let’s first make our today’s main natural face pack and then discuss in detail.

Face Pack

The main ingredient of this face pack is white sandalwood powder, you can also use red sandalwood powder. Everyone knows how important sandalwood is for our skin. Most of our cosmetics are made from this sandalwood. To prepare this pack, first buy sandalwood powder from the market. Buy good quality sandalwood powder. It is not very expensive so definitely buy it from a good quality store. And make sure that no other chemicals are mixed with it.

This face pack can be made in many ways. I say serially, make what you can make. Serially from top to bottom, depends on the effective capacity of facepack. The first one is less effective and the last one is more effective.

Making Facepack 1

  • Mix equal amount of sandalwood powder with normal water. The mixture should be like a paste. Can’t be too thin or too thick. Then you can take it in your mouth and throat with your fingers.
  • Make a paste by mixing equal amount of water and sandalwood powder. Then mix some granulated sugar in it. Because we know that sugar is a very beneficial natural ingredient for our skin. It rejuvenates the skin cells and at the same time helps to remove the dead skin cells. That is, by mixing sugar, you are getting extra 2 benefits. People with oily skin can use it I also use this pack. It is a very effective pack. Due to my oily face, sandalwood powder removes the extra oils from my face and keeps the skin glowing and smooth.
  • Here you can use honey instead of water. That is, mix equal amount of honey and sandalwood powder and make it like a paste. If you want you can mix some lemon juice in it. Lemon juice increases the brightness of our skin, removes dark spots on the skin. Many people’s mouths burn when they take lemon. Those whose skin is irritated by lemon should not mix it with lemon. Those who have pimples on their face should not use this face pack. If you have acne, use a face pack made with sugar and sandalwood powder mixed with water. Because taking honey can increase acne.

Method of use this facepack:

I asked to take equal amount of water/honey and equal amount of sandalwood powder while making the face pack. Take only as much as you need to apply to the skin once. That is, the face pack made once should be used only once, it will not be effective if it is left to be used later. If your face is oily then use this face pack 3 days a week. Before using the face pack, wash your face well with face wash or normal water. Apply it on the skin at night before going to bed and wash it off after 15-20 minutes when it dries completely. But if you take honey, wash it off after 20 minutes whether it dries or not.

Oily face:

If you apply the face pack with honey on oily face, it will take a long time to make the skin bright and toned. But the more time it takes, the more perfectly your skin will glow. Those who want the skin to gradually glow perfectly will use honey. And those who want the skin to be bright and shiny skin quickly, they will use the water pack

Rough Face:

If your skin is rough then the best pack for you is the pack with honey. This will prevent the sandalwood powder from absorbing the remaining oil on your skin. You should use this pack 2-3 days a week.

After 15-20 minutes of using this face pack wash your face and do not lie down like this. The face must be washed with normal water, no soap or face wash can be used. You can use any moisturizer on your face. Or if you don’t want to use a market moisturizer, you can collect natural aloe vera gel and apply it on your face. I would suggest you apply aloe vera gel on your face and lie down. Get up in the morning and wash your face with any good face wash. You can also use natural olive oil. Apply olive oil or aloe vera gel to the areas where you have applied Facepack and go to sleep.

Note: If you want to get results within 7 days or want to get very fast results then use it 1 time daily. But definitely do not use for more than 7 days continuously as it may damage your skin. Boys also follow the same method.

Face Pack: 2

The main ingredient of this face pack is fuller’s earth. It is also an important natural ingredient for our skin. To prepare this pack first buy fuller’s earth from the market. There are 2 types of fuller’s earth powder and faction. If you get the powder, then buy the powder. Otherwise take the faction and grind it.

Making Facepack 2

Make a paste by mixing equal amount of fuller’s earth with equal amount of water. Again, I am talking about the quantity here, take as much fuller’s earth as you need for one time use and mix it with water to make a paste. Take care that the paste is not too thin. Once the paste is made it is ready for use. A face pack that has been kept for more than 2 hours should not be used.

Method of use:

Before using the face pack, wash your face well with face wash or normal water. Rub the face pack well with your fingers. Once applied to the entire face, wait for it to dry. Once it dries completely, wash your face with normal water. Do not use face wash while washing your face. Use it at night before sleeping. Sandalwood face pack and fuller’s earth face pack should not be used on the same day. If you use sandalwood powder today then tomorrow you will use fuller’s earth Whether your skin is oily or rough, use this pack 2 days a week. After using it, wash your face and apply a moisturizer or aloe vera gel on your skin and go to sleep. Wake up in the morning and wash your face well with face wash.

Note: It should not be used daily. Daily use can make your skin rough. So if you want very quick results then you can use it every other day. Boys should follow same method.

Facepack (Optional):

Another face pack can be made by mixing sandalwood powder, fuller’s earth and water. And can use it 3 days a week. If you don’t have much time then you can make and use combo packs like this. I don’t recommend it, because it’s not a very effective method. You will get better results by using the above 2 facepack separately on different days.

Step by step guideline to achieve glass skin:

If you use sandalwood powder and fuller’s earth packs regularly, your skin will become bright and glass skin within 7 days. You will get the results of these packs in just 7 days So definitely use the packs regularly. Along with this, you have to constantly follow certain rules that will help you maintain your glass skin. We should take care of the skin as we take care of the body. Because if you don’t take care of the skin, the skin becomes rough at an early age. So try to follow the following rules from today.

Don’t sleep late at night

Sleeping late at night is a bad habit we have to give up. Our ancestors did not sleep late at night. That’s why their body was healthy and their skin was beautiful. In their time there were not so many cosmetics that they could use to make up, but they were much more beautiful than us. Because they followed many natural laws which we don’t today. When we wake up at night, we have dark spots under our eyes. We all know that some hormones flow in our body at night which can be flowed well only during night sleep If we are awake at night, then the body cannot complete these tasks properly, so many complications are seen in the body. Our hair loss, acne problems are mostly due to judgment. So from today try to avoid waking up at night.

Use Sun Cream

Make sure to apply good quality sun cream before going out. The intense heat and UV rays of the sun are very harmful to our skin. Therefore, the intensity of the sun should not be allowed to wear on our skin.The sun darkens our fair skin. The skin on our face is more sensitive than the body, that’s why it affects our face the most. There are many people who are allergic to the sun. Those with allergy problems must wear sun cream.

Make a change in diet

As food most of us prefer spicy, fried, oily food. But these are the causes of all the damage to our body. If you want to keep your body and skin healthy, you have to avoid oily food. Do not eat meat with oil. You can eat oily fish. Fish oil does not harm the body. Eating meat and oily meat also increases the oiliness of our skin due to which many problems are seen on the skin including pimples and acne. So avoid oil and focus on fruits and vegetables. There are some fruits that harm our skin. Drink more water every day. Drink at least 3-4 liters of water a day. Water will keep your skin hydrated. The skin will not become rough. You should drink more water in winter than summer because the skin of the body becomes dry more quickly in winter.

Do not use face wash repeatedly

Face wash should be used maximum 2 times a day. Once upon waking and once before going to sleep. If we use face wash many times a day, the production of oil in our skin increases abnormally. Many of us are busy with a lot of work, many of us have to go out again and again and again and again we wash our face with face wash and go out or come out and wash our face with face wash. It is not right to do this. Avoid using this face wash repeatedly. It can cause the skin to become pale and the skin to lose its radiance and the skin to become rough. If you go to a party somewhere, you need to apply makeup or remove makeup, you can use face wash. But reduce the usage rate as much as possible.

My Opinion

In this article I have given guidelines on how to get glass skin in a completely natural way. If you follow these you will surely succeed in getting glass skin. Have you seen many methods in many places? Nothing works? My method, follow my given facepack it will work 100% because I use it myself. Follow the above routine and use face packs regularly then you will be successful. Try at least one day. I hope once you try it you will realize how effective it is.

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