Let's take a look top 5 premium animal themes for galaxy.

Top 5 Premium Animal Themes for Galaxy.


Animals are loved by all of us because they belong to the environment. Some animals are very beautiful. We decorate our homes and offices with many types of furniture and drawings that have animal shapes or pictures because they look beautiful. You can also use a cute animal theme on your phone if you want. It will bring out your personality in your phone. Let’s take a look top 5 premium animal themes for galaxy.

What does the theme do?

The main function of the theme is to beautify the internal look of the phone. In detail, phone wallpaper, icon, dialer, keyboard, background color/picture, always on display and many more can be changed from a single function through themes. All these are provided by matching within a theme so there is no problem of matching your wallpaper, icon color. You can change all these things on your phone by simply installing a theme. The themes that I will show you today are very unique and beautiful. You will find yourself confused which one to install. So you can download all of them. Installing the theme is very easy. You can check how to install the theme from this post.

Top 5 Premium Animal Themes.

Here are 5 selected most beautiful and premium animal themes. Choose your favorite theme from here and install it for free and enjoy.

1. [WOOGA] Careless Spirit

This is the most beautiful and premium theme among today’s samples of animal themes. I put it first among the top 5 because you can understand it by looking at the screenshots below. If you have a phone with an AMOLED display, you can enjoy its color and beauty very well. This theme provides very beautiful and high resolution wallpapers.

Not only wallpaper, here you will find high resolution video on lock screen which is very beautiful. If you have a flagship phone then definitely try this theme, you will love it. Its icon quality is also premium level.

2. [LEO] The Leopard in Jungle

The main reason for placing this theme in the top 2 of our list is its wallpapers and lock screen video wallpapers. They are so premium that you won’t realize unless you use them yourself. If your phone has an AMOLED display then I recommend you to use this theme. Its wallpaper will act as a light on the AMOLED display. Its wallpaper has dark and light areas where the wallpaper looks brighter due to light and dark areas show less light.

Here you will find diamond shape icon. It is normal for premium themes to have premium icon packs Here you will find diamond shape behind each icon it looks very nice. It displays a very good style because of the best combination of light and dark in its dialer background, keyboard background, settings background. To get best performance, keep the brightness of the phone high.

3. Cartoon dog in snow

Finally, bringing you a dog theme for the first time. You have seen many times before that I put the cat theme among the best themes. I have provided many cat themes for cat lovers. But no best themes for dog lovers are shown. So today I have included a dog theme in the top 5 animal themes list. Let’s see how cute this dog theme is.

A photo of a puppy is used here. You will not be able to tell, is it a dog or a raccoon? Because it’s so cute. But here no background is used in the dialer. It has box type icon background which looks very premium.

4. Black Cat

I know almost all of us are cat lovers. So every time I put at least one cat theme. Today’s theme is for those who want cat with white wallpaper. It’s simple theme + your favorite pet cat is here. This is a unique theme. What makes it unique is its wallpaper. Where there is an upside down cat. But one major weakness of this theme is that it doesn’t change the icon background. Only the supported app icons are changed and the rest of the icons remain the same.

You will get straight cat on lock screen and up side down cat on home screen. This combination makes this theme unique from other themes. This is basically the main purpose of selecting this theme. Apart from that, icons, background colors are all normal.

5. Butterfly Open Sky RT

Natural beauty must include butterflies. Although it is not included in the list of animals, it is considered a bird in today’s list. It is a nice colorful theme. This theme is for those who want to have bird or butterfly wallpaper in the theme. I guess, it will be perfect for girls.

Like every theme you will get a beautiful colorful wallpaper. Its lock screen also has the same type of wallpaper but it is not animated. You will also find a butterfly on the dialer and a nice color combination on the notification screen.

My Opinion

Today’s post contains the most wanted top 5 animal themes. Which will surprise you. If you use these themes on any Galaxy Ultra series or Note series phones, you will get the best output of the themes. If you are a flagship phone user then definitely use these themes. These will enhance the look of your phone a lot. If you want to move smartly, you must keep pace with the modern era, so make the look of the phone smart. Now is the era of customizing phone themes. The more customizable it is, the smarter and more modern it is. So you too customize your phone as your personality today.

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