US Secretary of State and Defense are coming to India

US Secretary of State and Defense are coming to India


If everything goes well, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Defense Minister Lloyd James Austin will visit India with a team this week. These two top officials of the US administration will meet in an important meeting with the Indian equivalent ministers on November 10. 

According to Indian media, US Secretary of State Blinken will meet Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and Lloyd Austin will sit with Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. 

Several Indian media have reported that it is not yet clear why the US Secretary of State and Defense will visit India, what will be the subject of their discussion. However, it is believed that the possible issues between the two countries can be discussed.

According to a report in The Print, the US Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs, Donald Lu, briefed in Washington DC on the upcoming visit of the two important ministers. Speaking to reporters about the visit, he said, ‘This is an important part of the ministers’ Asia tour. One of the many topics discussed was our cooperation with India to keep the Indo-Pacific free, open, prosperous and secure. The leaders will also discuss the conflict between Israel and Hamas and Russia’s war against Ukraine.’ 

Lu said that the Indian government, apart from directly condemning the terrorist attacks by Hamas, has coordinated with other countries including the United States in sending sustained humanitarian aid to Gaza. 

He said, ‘With India, we will discuss the goals of preventing the spread of this conflict, maintaining stability in the Middle East and advancing the two-state solution.’ 

In addition, Lu said that the capabilities and efforts of the two countries on the development of democracy and human rights will also be discussed. In addition, issues such as clean energy, counter-terrorism, artificial intelligence, space and technology production will be discussed. China will also be an important topic of discussion.

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