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Who is Asad Noor, His family, Education, Religion and all about him.


Asad Noor is a Bangladeshi blogger. He started his career from 2013 by doing various writing and video blogging. He naturally says a lot of misleading things about Islam. Asad feels great by writing against Islam. There is a bit more criticism about him at present because in August 2023 he again started some anti-Islamic activities. He has started saying many harsh words in the name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), beloved of Muslims. Not only that, he also made many bad comments about the holy book of Islam, Quran.

Name:Asad Noor
Birth Date: 8 August 1991
Birth Place:Gopalganj, Bangladesh
Father’s Name:Tofazzal Hossain
Mother’s Name:Rabeya Begum
Occupation:Blogger, Youtuber
Education:Not at well
Religious:An atheist and support Buddhism
Details of Asad Noor at a glance

Asad Noor’s Family

Noor’s father’s name is “Tofazzal Hossain” and his mother’s name is “Rabeya Begum”. Both his parents are alive. They live in Amtali upazila of Barguna district. Asad Noor also used to live there but he fled Bangladesh fearing for his life after religious disagreements. Even in 2020, many cases were filed against him for speaking badly about such religious issues. For this, 6 members of his family were arrested and taken away by the police. But fools never learn. He currently resumes his evil activities in 2023.

Asad Noor’s Education

Since 2013, Asad Noor has taken his career through making YouTube videos and blogging. Not much is known about his education. But it is known that he was not a very good student. He did not study much until his varsity life. Asad has built his career mainly by blogging. He has made himself viral by talking bad about religion at various times. And the uneducated idiot boys of the street are expected to do bad things all the time.


Asad Noor does not belong to any religion but his behavior seems to support Buddhism. Because in July 2020, he stood by the Buddhists in Dara when the Buddhists were threatened. However, there is no evidence as to who threatened them or whether they were actually threatened. Asad Noor’s Bhikti makes some blog videos why Buddhists have been intimidated! From this it can be assumed that he may be enlightened. But basically he does not belong to any religion. He is an atheist. He spreads propaganda against Islam.

Asad noor picture

Asad Noor claims to be a human rights activist. He is propagating religion in the name of human rights activist. He claims when there is freedom of speech in Bangladesh. In the name of freedom of speech, he is always hurting Muslims by saying bad things against Islam. He has been warned many times in 2017, 2018 and 2020 not to do such things. He is asked to delete all the bad blogs with his father by arresting many family members including his parents.

Even after giving many opportunities, he is doing the same thing again and again. If they see him in front of the way Muslims are angry with him, the public will probably wash him. It is known that he is currently staying in India as there is no chance for him to stay safely in Bangladesh. He has to spend his life hiding for what he has done.

Asad Noor Arrested

Blogger Asad Noor, also known as Asaduzzaman Noor, was arrested by Immigration Police from Shahjalal Airport on Monday, December 25th, in the evening. He was crossing the immigration channel at the airport to travel to Kathmandu, Nepal. As there was already a red notice against him, he was arrested, according to police. On Tuesday, he was sent to Dhaka Central Jail through the airport police station.

Earlier in the year, Asad Noor and two other individuals were booked under section 57 of the Information Technology Act in Amtali, a district in southern Bangladesh, for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) through social media. Another accused in the case, Limon Fakir, was arrested earlier.

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