Dog empathy

Why does the dog bend its neck when people call them?


Maybe you say something to the dog, and the dog understands that and cranes his neck to the side to listen, right? Just like humans, dogs can be seen bowing. Ask the dog if he should go for a walk in the park. You will see that the dog bends its neck in response.


Scientists have published a paper explaining why dogs do this.”We humans tend to tilt our heads to the side when we remember a very familiar story or something,” says Andrea Samse, an animal researcher at Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary. I am thinking about something. It is also seen in dogs. They also seem to be trying to recall something.
Researchers believe that dogs need time to form an image in the brain after hearing a familiar sound.At this point, they tilted their heads to the side. This makes us think that the dog is listening attentively. That’s because dogs try to think like us. Ordinary dogs that are not called that or are not used to playing are still standing.

Many cocks nod their necks. Researchers say they often behave in ways to see better, hear sounds or smell better. Julia Meyers-Manor, a researcher at Ripon University in Wisconsin, USA, said that animals often bend their necks to understand sounds. When people crouch, one also sees birds bowing their necks and tilting their heads. Animals tend to listen more when they bow their necks and tilt their heads to the side.

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Barn Owl

A particular species of owl named the Barn Owl is a master at this.This bird can bend its head and neck 270 degrees. This neck flexion increases their hearing range and allows them to clearly sense the position of their prey. This is according to a research paper published in the 2017 Journal of Anatomy. Scientists have recently been trying to figure out why dogs bend their necks. Researchers figured it out by talking to dogs.They let the dogs play with some toys. They can play with these toys for several days. The researchers played with the dogs by naming different toys. Dogs recognize toys when they see them and respond when their names are called.

Research shows that talking about this toy causes dogs to flex their necks.But other dogs that had never played with the toy did not respond. It can be seen that 43% of the dogs participating in the experiment responded by nodding when the toy was called. In contrast, only 2% of the participating dogs did so for the first time.

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The results of this study on dogs were published in the scientific journal Animal Cognition. Another 2016 paper found that the right side of the dog’s brain analyzes human calls. Researchers are doing more research on dogs. According to them, such behavior is developing in dogs due to being associated with human civilization for a long time. Although there is no solid scientific data, the research team wants to think of the matter as a habitual aspect of dogs.

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