Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra come with Exynos processor, Leaks and Rumors.

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra will come with Exynos processor.


Every year Samsung comes up with new and exciting upgrades in their phones. Among the upgrades, some upgrades are liked by many and some upgrades are not liked by others. For example, the major upgrade of the Galaxy S24 Ultra was the flat display which many did not like. There are many people who love Galaxy flagship phones for its curved display. But many people did not take S24 Ultra after giving flat display to S24 Ultra. It is believed that there is a 90% chance that the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra will come with a flat display. Along with this, there are many rumors about the S25 series. Let’s find out in detail whether the S25 Ultra will really only have the Exynos processor?

DeviceGalaxy S25 Ultra
Will be released on:January, 2025
Chipset:Exynos 2500
OS:Android 15 (Vanilla Ice Cream)
Camera:Again Quad Camera Setup
Build:Glass Back and Titanium Frame.
Display:144Hz, 3000 nits (peak)
S25 Ultra Specs at a glance

Really Galaxy S25 Series Come with Exynos Processors?

Not 100% sure but 70% sure that, galaxy S25 series will come with exynos processor. From 2025, Only galaxy Z series will come with snapdragon processors. S series will come with only Exynos processors and Galaxy A series will come with Mediatek or Exynos processors. It will be bad for many. Most of the people prefer Snapdragon chipset as their phone chipset. If there is only Exynos processor, the quality of the phone will probably decrease. But “Connor” told us by her twitter post that samsung s series will come with Exynos processor.

Some people say they don’t believe the rumours. They will believe only if Samsung gives an official update. It’s not really believable because a flagship phone must have a flagship chipset. In that case, the S series must have a Snapdragon chipset. However, we have already seen that Exynos processor was used for flagship phones in European countries in the case of S22 Ultra. So it is very likely that Samsung will bring their S25 series only with Exynos processor.

We can see another post from “Ceemeagain” verified twitter account that Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra will come with Exynos 2500 processor.

Why may the Exynos processor be offered?

If flagship phones like the S series only come with Exynos processors, Samsung will surely upgrade their processors much better. The main reason for giving Exynos processor to Samsung phones is that Exynos processor is Samsung’s own. If the phone is made with its own processor, the cost will be slightly reduced. Since Snapdragon processor is the best processor in the market, almost all flagship phones use Snapdragon processor. But over the past few years, we have seen Samsung’s Exynos processor underperform Snapdragon.

European version of the Galaxy S22 Ultra was came with Exynos processor. At that time, many people made a difference between Snapdragon and Exynos processor in S22 Ultra, where it was seen that although Snapdragon is ahead in performance, Exynos processor is ahead in terms of battery backup. Moreover, the Exynos processor has some other good features that have to be compromised in the Snapdragon processor such as the heating issue. Exynos 2400 processor has also performed very well, so maybe Samsung company wants to give their own processor Exynos 2500 in the next S25 series. Maybe the Exynos 2500 will be the most powerful processor that Samsung has already made that will be equal to or better than Snapdragon 8 Gen 4. So there is nothing to worry about this. Samsung will give them the best tie.

What new features can be added?

Many have liked the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s inbuilt artificial intelligence. And there are some people who have no business with this artificial intelligence. So many people who are using S23 Ultra have not shifted to S24 Ultra. They hope to upgrade the phone after the S25 Ultra arrives So see if S25 Ultra can be upgraded according to your needs. It’s just a guess, no official leak has been announced yet.

1. Facelock:

The latest flagship phone of Samsung’s S series is the S24 Ultra. The biggest upgrade here was the inbuilt AI technology added to the phone. And another upgrade is the Periscope 10x to 5x camera lens. Other aspects have also been upgraded but nothing new has been offered. It is likely that Galaxy S25 Ultra will be given new features like Face ID. Yes, facelock like iPhone. The iPhone has an onel secured facelock that tracks the face through a sensor. But Samsung had a face lock which detected the face through the camera and unlocked the phone. It wasn’t 3D facelock. But the S25 Ultra may offer Ultrasonic Face ID.

2. Better AI

The journey of inbuilt AI technology in phones has started with S24 series. So of course AI could not be made very usable in S24 series. Moreover, the company has to follow a set of rules to move forward. The technology you got in 2024 was ready by the company in 2023. That is, despite the use of some better AI, Samsung has given little use of AI in their 24 series. They may have left many other features for their future phones where they will add those technologies. That is, in the S25 series, we will see the use of abundant AI. The fastest emerging technology today is AI. We will see more of it in phones. So no doubt the AI ​​on the S25 Ultra will be made much more advanced and usable. Those who need AI on their phones should definitely upgrade to the S25 series.

3. Better Camera Quality

The camera quality of the current latest phone can be said to be the best, what will be improved there will be seen only after the phone launch. But since the AI ​​is being offered in the phone, the camera will definitely be upgraded more through AI rather than physically upgrading it. We know samsung did better camera from S23 Ultra to S24 Ultra. So definitely S25 Ultra’s camera will be better. The size of the camera lens can be increased. Increasing the lens size means that the lens appears larger from the outside. The size of the lens is very small when it is extended, but due to its very small size, it is increased to nanometers. So if you increase the size of the lens, it will not be understood from outside.

But the selfie camera may get a physical upgrade. We saw that the S22 Ultra had a 40MP selfie camera, but the S23 and 24 Ultra had a 12MP camera. Although the camera quality has been improved, as the camera quality improves, increasing the camera resolution results in better details in the picture. So Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra can be offered with 32 or 50MP selfie camera.

4. More S Pen Function

S series is incomplete without S Pen. We haven’t seen much of an S Pen upgrade in quite a while. We can do many things with S Pen. It is believed that some extra features will be added to the Galaxy S25 Ultra’s S Pen. With S Pen we can use few gestures With the S25 Ultra, the use of S Pen will increase a lot. Maybe with the S Pen, a completely realistic picture can be created through AI. S Pen and AIK combination can make beautiful art. Even those who can’t do art can make beautiful art.

5. Build Quality

Samsung hasn’t changed their build quality over the last 3 series. In other words, there is a high possibility of S25 Ultra, this time Samsung will change the build quality of their S series. It is not yet known officially or unofficially if Samsung wants to change their build quality, but looking at their previous work, it can be assumed that they will not keep more than 3 series in same build quality. Also the phones don’t have much to upgrade. So if Samsung upgrades their build quality and gives a new look then the phones will become much more in demand. This year’s S25 Ultra is very likely to come in a different look. In a few days we will know if Samsung is really going to make any changes in their build quality.

Galaxy S25 Ultra Release Date:

The official release date of the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra has not been announced yet. However, it is expected that the Galaxy S25 Ultra will be officially released by January 2025. Like every time, the 3 phones of S series will be released as S25, S25 Plus and S25 Ultra. Galaxy S25 FE may come later.

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